Best Experience Ever :D

It all began with the Starbucks gift card I got from my sister Joan.
I’ve been carrying it on me for the past month, occasionally using it
to by coffee. As of yesterday it had $4.52 left on it.

Today I had to do some store visits for work, and after battling the
London traffic I decided to reward myself with a vanilla bean
frappacino. Standing at the counter, I thought, "what the heck" and
added a slice of lemon raspberry loaf to the order. It came out to
$6.02 so I handed over my gift card and got ready with the change. The
woman behind the counter called my order to the coffee barrista and
swiped, then informed me that it covered my whole order. I tried to
tell her that it wasnt right, that I owed them money but she just
smiled and said that since their computer was messing up, it was on the
house and to enjoy.

I was so happy, and went to stand near the coffee bar to collect my
order. After about a minute, the cashier called over to the barrista
that I was waiting and the girl jumped and apologized, then rushed to
get my order. She handed me my frappacino in an even bigger size than I
ordered and while I beamed she went one step further and handed me a
coupon for a free coffee for next time; to make-up for making me wait!

I was euphoric as I headed to my car, and just when I thought it
couldnt get any better.. someone walked by me and complimented my
dress. All I could do was smile graciously and say "thanks!" as I all
but skipped to my car like a benevolent fairy princess 😀

Which I am 😛

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  1. Joan says:

    definitely laughed out loud there.    i’ll have to tell you personally what mental image i got as i read that story, you’d kill me if i posted it on the internet.  i’m glad that starbucks is as good to you as it’s been to my family (weren’t the kids frappaccinos free as well?)


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