I’ve been chastized.

Last night Joan tracked me down at my moms house and told me off for having virtually vanished off the face of the earth. I dont blame her, my life has been crazy busy since the wedding but its not like I’m not being social… the problem is that I’m not blogging.  Being married to Greg is amazing, just for the record 🙂 Its so nice to finally be able to spend this much time together, we’ve both waited for it for so long. We’re settling into our routines and making plans for the future and the fact is, I cant find a single moment that I can blog about because I want to blog about them all. Its just still so new and exciting I guess, but here goes!!
This sunday is my birthday and I’ll be 31. Things didnt work out this year for me to have a party, some of my sisters were going to be away already, others couldnt travel anywhere and I didnt feel right throwing myself a bash if my closest family members couldnt attend. Instead, Greg and I have plans to have a quiet and relaxing day, something thats a bit of a rare thing for us lately 🙂 We’re going to go to church in the am, then have tea at an old Victorian house/museum in the afternoon, go to bible study in the evening and then go for a late dinner at a restaurant of my chosing. I’m looking forward to it, I think it’ll be a lot of fun.  We’ll probably squeeze in a nice walk somewhere too, since thats something we like doing on a Sunday afternoon.
My sister Sarah asked me if I feel weird about turning 31 and I told her no, I’m totally fine with it. I’m still young, and besides having a good job, an amazing husband and a comfortable home, I feel like I’m in a good place spiritually. God knows its been a long road, so I guess the thing I’m reflecting on the most about turning 31 is that I’m glad I’m in a place where Christ is the working focus of my life. Too many people fight deperately to bring themselves the awards they feel they should have in life and I used to be one of them. Learning to hand it all to Christ and trust Him to take care of me is what I’m proud of the most and I wouldnt have any of the blessings I have today if it weren’t for that fact.
On Saturday, Pauline and her husband and daughter are coming to hang out with us and Gregs parents on the boat. The weather prediction is good and I hope it’ll be a nice day. I’m looking forward to seeing them and hopefully I’ll have some pics to post! I’m told Rilynn is a little fishy in her water wings 😉
Oh, and I got a pet gerbil. Her name is Spazy, and she chases the cat and bunny in her little purple ball. She is the most triumphant of my beasts, a fearless little mous’y creature who loves climbing the walls of her cage and sticking her nose through the bars to kiss the cat. Poor, unaware Spazy 😛

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  1. Joan says:

    i said it last night, but i’ll say it again because it’s really all i can think of:  i’m going to overdose on reactine the next time that i visit you.   have a great visit with polly & the fam.  i envy both of you.


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