Well, I’m officially 31 🙂  Big deal. Piece of cake. Nothing to it. The fact that I’ve started a savings fund for future botox injections means nothing 😛
On Friday Greg and I went with his parents to Pizza Hut and then headed out and spent the night on the boat. The 4 of us sat in the cabin and watched a movie and then retired for the night and sometime in the middle of the night I got my first taste of what its like to be in a boat in the middle of a summer storm. The thunder was so loud but it was the lightning that woke me up. Huge blinding flashes came through the window and as I lay there in bed I replayed the conversation Greg and I had before bed and then said a quick prayer and passed out again. FYI, Greg and I’s conversation went like this:
Me: What if the boat gets hit by lightning?
Greg: The boat wont get hit by lightning, and boats that get hit by lightning are usually in the middle of the lake
Me: So boats DO get hit by lightning!
Greg: (sigh)….
And so on 🙂 Those who know me will understand how that conversation went, lol. Anyway, we got through the night and the next day after a nice breakfast we all got ready to spend a day on the water and Pauline, Greg and Rilynn arrived. I was so excited that they were coming with us! We took the boat out to Turkey Point and anchored, and then Greg (mine), Greg (hers), Rilynn and I all got on our suits and jumped in the water. The 2 Gregs played frisbee while Rilynn and I played in the water and then we all got out, dried off and had lunch. The weather was really nice but the wind was picking up a little so after cleaning up our lunch mess we decided to make our way back to the harbour. Pauline, Rilynn and I went out and sat on the font of the boat and wrapped ourselves in towels. We stayed there the whole way back and Ry fell asleep. We took a little tour down the river before going back to the marina and then the 7 of us took a nice walk to downtown Port Dover and did some shopping. Rilynn was a little gem the whole time and we all took turns walking with her and/or carrying her. Our dinner reservations were for 5pm so we made it to the restaurant in good time. It was a nice family dinner and a great way to end a full day. After dinner we walked back to the boat and had a final visit over coffee and dessert and then it was time to pack up and go. We saw Pauline and her family off and then headed out ourselves and by the time we got home we were ready to pass out.
The next day was my actual birthday and I spent it all with Greg, just the way I like it 🙂 He made me breakfast in bed, and it was really cute because it was a bowl of cereal, a banana and a glass of orange juice – all presented to me on a cutting board. While we ate I got to watch Canada’s next top model and then when we were all ready for church we went to Starbucks for a pre-service coffee on the patio. At church I got a lot of well wishes and some of my new friends gave me cards, then Greg and I went home and had a quiet lunch. We relaxed in the afternoon and then went and did some shopping; I used some of my birthday money to buy some books I’ve been wanting so I’m pretty excited and cant wait to get into them! Later that evening we got dressed up and went for a romantic dinner at the Keg, and then had a nice stroll downtown. The night finished up by going home and watching the Food Network together – I love my birthday!!
Other than that – yesterday was a holiday so we spent the morning sleeping-in and then went and spent the afternoon with friends. Gregs baseball game got rained out and that was kind of sucky but all in all it was a great day and very relaxing.
Who could care about getting older when presented with such a great birthday weekend?

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  1. Joan says:

    i said it on facebook, but i can’t resist an opportunity:
    you’re 31 and i’m only 29!never before has the gap sounded so big!  <sigh>  eventually i’m going to be embarrassed of my age and i’ll have to stop saying that stuff.  i’m not going to write "i’m 49 and you’re 51".  yikes… i can’t believe we’re ever going to be so old!


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