Stitch n’ Pitch.

About 6 months ago Joan emailed Greg and I an ad for the annual Blue
Jays "Stitch n’ Pitch" and suggested we double date with her and Derek.
Greg and I were all over it and said yes but then Joan realized they
couldnt make it and backed out. Greg and I bought tickets anyway and
then put it out of our minds. We had other things to think about, like
the move, wedding, honeymoon, etc. You get the picture 🙂

The Blue Jays "Stitch n’ Pitch" is a game like any other at the Rogers
Center in Toronto, except the tickets were for a special price and
everyone is encouraged to bring their knitting. Near the concession
stands they had a table set up for a huge yarn swap before the game and
at the entrance you could line up for a free knitting tote bag with the
blue jays logo on it. Its a pretty cool event, and for Greg and I it
was the perfect union of our 2 worlds…. knitting and baseball – Joan,
you would have LOVED it.

Because I work in Niagara 2 days a week, it happened that the game fell
on a night when I’m usually down there. I met Greg at the GO station in
Burlington at 5pm and we grabbed the 5:40 train to TO. It was my second
time on the train, I definitely like travelling that way! It makes it
so much more relaxing. Greg and I chatted the whole way to union
station and then walked to the Rogers Center; luckily the rain held off
just until we got there – it wouldnt have been as nice a walk if it
hadnt 🙂 We grabbed salty pretzels at the concession and found our
seats just as the game began and I was amazed at how many knitters
there were! It was a sea of knitting, people of all ages working on all
kinds of projects, it was really neat. In between innings you could
hear people offering help on complicated stitches or talking about
their patterns and/or wool and during the game no one forgot to cheer
and have fun. It was really great.

It was an equally exciting game from a sporty perspective too. It
looked like the Blue Jays were going to lose but at the end of the
game, in the bottom of the 9th (right term?) they scored 2 runs – and
took the game. It was exciting, and Greg just went bezerk. He was on
his feet in a second and so loud – I get such a kick out of his ‘sport
fan’ side 🙂 We left feeling happy and wide awake so we took a little
stroll through the downtown and made our way slowly to the train
station. We had a bit of a wait so we had some food and then before we
knew it we were boarding the train and on our way back to Burlington
where we grabbed a midnight coffee and parted ways for the night.

It was a great date, so thanks for suggesting it Joan!! Its too bad you
couldnt be there but maybe next summer, I know you’ll love it. The only
downside was that I had to go back to Niagara and Greg had to go back
to London – we were both SO tired the next day but when I got home that
evening we had an early night and caught up on the sleep.  It was
definitely worth it 🙂


One Comment on “Stitch n’ Pitch.

  1. it sounds so perfect!  today i watched a video of amy singer throwing the opening pitch… so wished that i could have been there.  i guess it’s good that derek was working though, or i would have had tickets to a baseball game instead of being able to take my kids camping at an amusement park.  next year for sure though!


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