Everyone knows we’re animal lovers. Luckily we’re also clean people, so only those with the most severe allergies ever have a problem when they come over (Joan). We have a rabbit, a cat, and a gerbil. I would also have a dog if the condo board allowed it, and a skinny pig, if Greg allowed it 🙂

Anyway, ever since the cat and the rabbit began living with each other, the rabbit has marked his dominance in the house by spraying. Such a nasty habit! We’ve done everything we can think of to break him of this but nothing worked, so we took him to the vet for a little advice. The vet told us that because he’s 4 years old, getting him neutered may not work but he suggested giving us some medicine for the bunny to be administered 1 to 3x per day. He said if lowering his hormones will solve the problem, then the medicine will work within a few days and we’ll know whether or not to book the surgery. The only problem was that the vet handed me a vial and a bag full of needles. Apparently, the meds have to be injected, and I had never done that before.

The first one was easy; Gregs daughter Faith wants to be a vet when she grows up and she gave the rabbit that needle like a pro. Then she had to go home and I was left to watch the clock as it ticked towards the rabbits next dosage. When we got home from church last night I took a deep breath and prepared the needle while Greg held the rabbit tight. It went horribly wrong. My first try, I was so stunned by the feeling of the needle going in that I freaked and pulled it back out without plunging in the meds. I felt horrible. My second try wasnt hard enough so when I tried to plunge, the meds squirted out the opposite end of the needle and into my face. After running to the bathroom to wash, I decided to pray about it, took another deep breath and while Greg still held our poor scared bunny, I calmly filled another needle and injected the bunny.  

I know it seems like a lot to go through for a rabbit, but he’s not just a pet to us. No no… we dont think he’s our child either, thats just creepy; but he IS a part of our little family. The kids love him, we love him, he has a ton of personality and before this whole behavior problem started, he was very much like a dog to us. He would run around the house, sleep under the beds, bite our toes and bring us his favorite toy to play with him (its an old, raggy towel with flowers on it). Giving him away is not really an option, but neither is letting him spray in the house. Anyway, its only day 2 and he got another injection this morning but so far we have great results. It seems to make him stoned for about an hour but then he’s fine, and there hasnt been any spraying. Lets hope for the best….

The cat also went to the vet because it was time for her yearly shots. Nothing really exciting to say there, except she’s too fat, needs to lose 3lbs and the vet is making me measure out her food and when the current bag is done I have to buy low calorie food for her. Sheesh 😛

And the gerbil… she’s new!!  Her name is spazy and she lives in a little cage in the kids bedroom. She’s grey with a long tail and considers it her duty to chew every object we put in her cage. She also doesnt know that she should be afraid of the cat, she when the cat sticks her face against the cage, the gerbil climbs up and rubs noses.  Its very cute, but as I’ve explained to the cat, she’s on a diet 🙂

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  1. Joan says:

    um.  wow. 


  2. -Grumps- says:

    Heya, ‘n G’Day to ya Berni …
    Welcome to London Hon. Is such the rarity ta find a fellow blobber from town, figured I’d best take time ta say “Hi“. I believe I’ve ever only found about five local spaces mastered by anyone even near to peer (I’ll say thirty & over), all of which are presently inactive. Two of ’em friends who started up after myself, and just couldn‘t keep the interest. Mayhap they’s a few more, ‘n I just haven’t bin able ta find ‘em on account the whole “super secrecy” thing. The spaces search engine really doesn’t seem too very reliable when it comes to searching for local folk.
    I would ‘a never guessed a bunny would be spraying about the house like that. Nor could I say as I’ve ever heard of a bunny bein neutered. I’ve heard with cats that neutering sometimes doesn’t help once they reach a certain age, so not surprised the same with rabbits. One wonders if at that age, the problem is more behavioural than instinctive. Here’s hopping all goes well for ya’s.
    Is a nice lookin bike, ‘n buggy. Will no doubt make it a lot easier ta get about. And yes, the video is quite well placed. Enjoy, take care, ‘n will mayhap catch ya later.
    Ciao Belle …


  3. Joan says:

    sorry about the lame comment– i was on my way to the zoo (fitting?) and didn’t have a lot of time, but wanted to leave a comment after all of my nagging.  so anyway,  i don’t like pets.  i liked the clarification about them not being like your children though, i’m so glad we’ve got that sorted out.  all i could think about when you were describing the needle, was when i did first aid with my friend chantelle and we had to give each other needles for practise.  she was pretty much like you:  she stabbed me slowly at first and then when i expressed pain she pulled back abruptly, had a meltdown and then determined to get it right, fiercely jabbed me with the needle and plunged the sugar water into my blood stream.   we’re still friends to this day, so i’m sure that your bunny will eventually forgive you.  i don’t know if he’ll ever get over you writing him out of the will though.


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