A New Season.

Well, in my books, Autumn is officially here 🙂

Every labor day weekend my sisters and I bring our families together
under my parents to have a mini-vacation together. Its always
interesting; sometimes its at a cottage, other times its a camp ground,
and sometimes its much simpler then that. This year, we just stayed at
mom and dads 🙂 I have to admit that the highlight of my weekend was
all the kids. To have all 6 of my nieces and nephews together in one
setting was an incredible experience, and it made my heart burst to see
the little ones all playing together. I had my special moments with
each one of them; all those cuddles and hugs and giggles… the games
of duck-duck-goose, the swinging on the swing, the piggy back rides on
the trampoline… what bliss.  We also had one heck of a smores
competition where Joan and I agree’d that it was a tie. My secret
ingredient was a skor bar, hers was nutella. Both good ideas, and super
yummy. Mom, Franky and Melissa also entered the competition, but
unfortunately when Joan and I compete, no one else exists 🙂

The labor day weekend also marks the end of summer for me and I usually
write a blog of reflections. This season was monumental! I got married,
went to Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard, boated, cottaged, moved to
another city, joined a new church, learned to decorate cakes and now,
I’ve quit my job.  Thats right, I actually did it. I cannot believe the
changes that have happened over these 4 months and I find myself
looking at life with a sort of awe-struck wonder; What will God do with
me now? I’m excited and nervous by all the change and more than ready
to explore what lies ahead.

In my opinion, as far as summers go, this one was pretty fantastic.
Greg and I were so busy though that we barely had time to breathe. Our
calendar was a train wreck, sleeping in was something foreign to us and
more often then we care to admit, we stayed up way too late just to try
and get ahead of our to-do lists. The end result though is a tide of
new, happy memories for both of us and although we didnt get to do all
the things we hoped to do this summer, we did pretty darn well.

I’m facing the autumn with my usual sense of excitement… I’m looking
forward to watching the leaves change outside our windows, the food
festivals and hikes on crisp sunny days. The holidays will begin, the
heat will go on indoors and out will come the slippers and comfy throw
blankets. But most of all, I guess I’m just looking forward to looking

One Comment Add yours

  1. Joan says:

    y’know… i’d actually forgotten that we’d declared it a tie.  i’ve been telling people that i won… guess i’ll have to amend that.  i think that we should have made s’mores for each other.  it would have been great to try your version.  fortunately for us, mom and daddy always have a campfire going. 


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