Sunday School and so on…

For the past few weeks I’ve been adjusting to my new role as a Sunday School teacher at my church and its been amazingly rewarding. I teach a small class of 3 children aged 6 and 7; 2 girls and 1 boy. The first week I was a little nervous… I dont know why, I just know that I wanted to really do well at this. I spent the hour getting to know the children and reading them their bible story. I found them very receptive to the "sharing" time and was so happy that I was able to have a great little discussion with them. At the end of the class we ate some cookies and colored pictures and then it was time to go.

My second class was this past Sunday and having more of an idea about my kids and their personalities I was able to customize the lesson a little better. First of all, we sat on pillows on the floor and abandoned the table. We talked about their week at school and slowly led it into the lesson. I read them the story of the man who traveled to a nearby city to ask Jesus to heal his sick son, and how Jesus said "Go home, your son is well" and when he returned home he indeed found his son better. We talked about times when we need help and how we can ask Jesus for help when we need it. The kids had so much to contribute to the conversation and its so refreshing to see the world through their eyes 🙂

Instead of coloring I decided they would get more enjoyment from being interactive so we converted the classroom into a "stage" and each of us took a role. We acted out the bible story and completed it with a happy dance at the end when the father arrives home to find his son well. Then we gathered around the table and ate chocolate cake.

When the bell rang for Sunday School to end, the kids groaned and said they didnt want it to be over yet 🙂 I’m really loving my new role although I do miss being in the ladies class. In a lot of ways though, I’m still getting my weekly lesson too. Next week we’re going to do finger painting and do a mural (on bristle board) together. The kids need to bring in their favorite stuffed animals as well, I think I’ll bring my gray bunny one 😉

A few other things that have been going on; My aunt died last week and it was pretty sudden and unexpected so its made everyone a tad edgy. She had a heart attack last Saturday but it was minor so they sent her home on Tuesday morning. By Tuesday afternoon she was back with another minor heart attack but was stabilized by 4:30. The call went out to the family that the following night would be crucial but she never got that far. Around 5:30pm she suffered a massive heart attack and died.

Greg and I went to Niagara for her funeral and to spend time with my family. Aunt Diane was dads sister and the second of his siblings to die. Most of the conversations were about how everyone went to visit her over the weekend after the first minor heart attack and how she was promising to change her life and how she was going to start spending more time with her family and so on. Its not that Aunt Diane was a bad person, I dont want to give that impression but she was a very independent one, and quick to withdraw. There were many times in my life where no one knew where she was or where she was living; she was like that – if she didnt want to be bothered for a few months, she dissapeared.

The last time I saw her was in June at my dads family bbq. I’m really glad she came to that and spent the whole day… it was a beautiful day and it will be a comforting memory to my other aunts and uncles. I feel sorry that she never got the chance to follow through with her new resolution, and I guess there’s no guarantee that you get a second chance. Its a good reminder to be the best person you can be each day.

That said, the other thing thats new is that this week I officially begin my volunteer work in the church. I’ll be visiting one of our 5 shut-ins for her birthday and I’m looking forward to getting started. Also this Thursday is the first meeting for the "Village of Faith" project that Gregs baseball league is sponsoring. The Village of Faith is a mission project that provides schools, medical centers and sport fields to  approximately 500 children in Sululta, Ethiopia. This is going to be a big project and Greg will have his hands full but I’m excited to be helping with it 🙂

And lastly, it was Noah’s birthday a few days ago, and even though I couldnt be there I still made him a pretty cool cake and brought it down when I went for the funeral. When he saw it, he told me I was the best aunty ever and gave me a huge hug. Its amazing what those words can do, even if I know he says them to us all 🙂

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One thought on “Sunday School and so on…

  1. ha ha, i was just about to say that he says that to me all the time… i guess you knew that already though.    your sunday school class sounds like fun… i wish i could join in 🙂


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