My Holiday’s so far.

I can’t believe its almost Christmas. I love this time of year, when people put people first, when everyone seems eager to be nicer and how the radio stations play hymns under the guise of Christmas carols. Its a beautiful time of year; Especially when you’re a Christian, and although it comes only once a year, I’m happy that it spans the middle of November to the beginning of January.

This is my first Christmas living in London and I’ve just been swept up in the traditions of my new friends and family while teaching them a few traditions of my own :). I’m really loving this holiday so far! To begin with, some friends of ours have teamed up with Greg and I to sponsor a family in need this season. Our friends have been amazing with this project and have gone above and beyond… and its really helped me see how amazing they are and how blessed I am to have them as friends here.

The second thing I’m planning is a Cookie Exchange, and that will be in a few weeks. It’ll be held at the church and brunch will be served, there’ll be music and I’ve somehow ended up as the one doing a demonstration on how to make a festive centerpiece for the Christmas table. Good thing I’m handy with that sort of stuff ;). I was a little worried about no one coming, but when I checked the sign up list I was pleasantly surprised to see a good amount of people! This cookie exchange is also being used as a food drive – originally it would have been for the family we’re sponsoring but now I’m thinking we can bank the excess for other families.

The third thing on the go is our annual (2nd one actually) Christmas party. That’ll be this weekend, and the people who came last year are looking forward to coming this year! Its very similar to what my parents do, and its a tradition I’ve always loved so I’m happy to see it take root here in London. We have even more people coming this year and Greg has been working very hard to finish the renovations on our guest bathroom :). Its going to be a great time but I think I’ll be baking and preparing appetizers for the next few days in anticipation!

The fourth thing (starting to get an idea why I dont blog anymore?) is really Gregs project, but its something that I’m going to work with him more on and that will actually take us past Christmas. In some of my previous blogs I’ve mentioned Faith Village – its a 100 acre chunk of land in Ethiopia that has been given to a Christian organization to develop a school, medical center, nutrition facility and sports complex for some 500 orphans. Anyway, Gregs baseball league has teamed up with them to raise the funds that will build and maintain the sports complex, and thats no small feat. We’re really looking forward to seeing this project happen but it will take a lot of work over the next year to make it a reality. Greg brought in 3 speakers from Cambridge to talk about Faith Village this past weekend and we’re hoping that those who attended will take that information back to their churches.

So thats whats been happening lately! Oh, and some other stuff thats been really fun… Desiree’s baby shower was last weekend and it was a great success. My linens didnt arrive and I had to use plastic table coverings but after a little melt down I was fine :D.  The afternoon was relaxing and fun and everyone helped out, making my job super easy.  Then last week I went to the annual Ladies Christmas Tea at some antiquie little tea room. It was a nice night, the food was good and I did a little shopping… not a bad way to spend an evening! This past weekend, Greg and I helped decorate the church for Christmas and next weekend is the big banquet. Its not much, but I was asked if I would do the centerpieces for the tables and that just made me so happy! I’m such a girl 😛

There’s a lot of other stuff I could write about but this is long enough and I need to get a move on. I hope everyone is having as much a blessed holiday season as I am :).

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  1. Joan says:

    first of all, your comment on my blog made me laugh my face off.second of all, you’re too busy. seriously, steam an egg nog and relax for an evening!thirdly, how are those fingerless mitts coming along? (you didn’t bring them to the knitting party)and finally, did your neck blow up? ha aa ha ha haps: please answer my question about the mitts on facebook or in an e-mail or something so that i can have my curiousity sated.


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