Christmas Kick-Off.

This weekend was the first of many busy weekends over the coming holiday. Friday night Greg and I opened the doors of our home to friends and family and had our own version of a LeBrun-style Christmas. By 6pm I had the kitchen table turned into a drink station with hot cider, punch and a big urn full of coffee, and the dining room table was turned into a buffet of goodies from baked brie to angel food cake w. strawberries. We had goodie bags for all the children by the tree in the front hall and Christmas carols playing on the stereo and around 7pm our guests began arriving.

The party ended between 11 and 11:30pm and Greg and I had our home cleaned up and put back together by midnight. I’m amazed at how quickly 4 hours can fly by when your surrounded by your loved ones, where did the night go? As I wove my way between people making sure everyone had food and drink I just kept thinking how amazing it was that in such a short time, I’ve come to know and love all of these new people.

On Saturday, we slept in. It was glorious :D. The kids had one of their friends sleep over so they were amusing themselves and I made us all a leisurely brunch around 10am. Greg and the kids took their friend home around 11am while I showered and got ready and then my in laws showed up around noon for our afternoon out. The plan was to go for lunch to celebrate my father-in-laws birthday and we had tickets to see A Christmas Carol at the Grand Theater.  Our seats were amazing – first row of the balcony, and the performance and set design were incredible. I get really afraid of heights, but I was only a little freaked out with our seating :). Later that evening, we had the Christmas banquet at our church and then it was time to take the kids home. As Greg and I drove home later that night we couldnt help but feel like we’d already gone through 2 weekends, and we still had Sunday left!

Sunday was busy because there was a bake sale at church that I had volunteered some baked goods for, plus my Sunday school class was supposed to practice for the Christmas concert. We had a huge snow storm though and only one of my kids made it to church, so we’re just going to have to wing it next week :). Greg and I had plans to go to the London Christmas Craft Show after church but instead we came home, had a cozy lunch and then laid on the couch to watch Prince Caspian. Somewhere in the middle we fell asleep, napped for a few hours and then woke up and finished watching the movie. It was SO nice to have that time to just do nothing except spend time together. We went to church in the evening, the got Starbucks and came home to play Scrabble before bed. Greg won, but the painful part was waiting the 10 minutes it took him every turn to lay down a word. He may be cute, but I had some serious thoughts about throttling him :).

Anyway, next weekend is another busy weekend but during the week we should be low key. The remodeling for the guest bathroom is complete (Greg did a great job by the way!) and we dont have any evening obligations so I think I’ll take my sister Joans advice and just kind of chill out with a book and a glass of eggnog. Looking forward to it actually :).

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