Sisters Sleepover 2008, etc…

This weekend marked the 11th year for our annual "sisters sleepover" at Pauline’s house, and the much older annual Christmas party at my parents house.

Everyone around here knows we got belted with a massive snow storm on Friday, but Greg was determined to get me there so I could be a part of the festivities. We hit a few stumbling blocks but 4.5 hours later we pulled up at my sisters house all in one piece. I was 2 hours late, but within an hour I didnt feel like I missed much  :).  We all sat around eating great food that my sisters made (I didnt because I was late), and opened the gifts we got for each other. My sisters all liked what I got them, and I loved mine as well. Afterwards, Desiree had to leave but the rest of us sat up until 2am, talking about nothing, telling silly stories and playing with our gifts. Finally we all passed out on various couches and floor mats and slept away the rest of the night. Neither Sarah nor Desiree’s water broke so I consider the evening to be a great success :D.

The next morning Greg picked me up and we went to a popular greasy spoon in St. Catharines called "The Lancer". Its really more of a trailer with a porch built on to it, but the plates were loaded up, the coffee was hot and we had a nice little booth by the window where we could just relax and watch the world go by. We headed out to mom and dads shortly afterwards and I showed Bex how to throw together a cake on the fly while Greg visited with my brother in law and my dad, and then we took the kids outside and built a snow-fort. Later on, we took Bex and Noah out for some shopping and hot cocoa, and it was really cute to let them drag us around the mall showing us their favorite stores.

That evening was my parents Christmas party. I really enjoyed this year and felt it was better than usual… I couldnt place my finger on it until later, but I think it was because there was hardly any drinking this year. The conversations just seemed more meaningful and the fun seemed more genuine. Greg and I dont drink, Joan and her hubby dont… Melissa wasnt there and Sarah and Desiree are in their last months of pregnancy; Plus, the other drinkers who usually come to the party werent there this year! Pauline could have had a drink, but she opted for tea instead.

The best parts of the night were getting to have some nice talks with my aunts and uncles, and seeing my Aunt Dianes children and grandchildren come out. A few months ago we lost her to a heart attack, and sometimes that forces that branch of a family to close themselves in and drift away. I’m happy and thankful to God that it doesnt seem to be happening. Also, Noah gave me a gift. He bought me a little box of earrings (on his own), and wrapped them (on his own) especially for me; he wrote the tag and everything. I’m still wearing the earrings.

Greg and I left around 10pm and headed home after lots of hugs, kisses and well wishes. It would have been nice to spend another night but we have a pretty full life here at home and we were hosting a turkey dinner for our kids, friends and friends kids on Sunday afternoon. That went really nice by the way; the turkey turned out really well and everyone had their fill and we finished out the day with games, coffee and dessert, and a snow ball fight.

Later that night when it was just Greg and I again and the wild weekend was behind us, we spent some blissfully quiet moments just drinking tea and sitting by the fireplace. He was probably thinking that he was glad the weekend was over and that we could unwind now; I was giving my stocking the evil eye and wondering how wrong it would be for me to peek before Christmas…. :D.

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  1. Joan says:

    i’m still a wee bit jealous that noah gave you a gift and no one else 😛 it was a really great weekend– i love our family traditions. congrats on being the first to blog about it!


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