I’m Spoiled.

Lately, I’ve been feeling like the most blessed girl in the world. With my sisters pregnancies done and over with we’ve all returned to our normal, easy way with each other and have been enjoying random email conversations on a daily basis. My father in law built Greg and I a new headboard and foot board for our bedroom and is in the process of building us a blanket trunk for the foot of our bed, and last weekend we went away for the weekend and spent 2 days shopping in the USA, touring the quaint german village of Frankenmuth.  Although Greg and I traveled with my inlaws, we managed to spend quite a bit of time together with just the two of us and it almost felt like a second honeymoon!

This weekend, my sister Joan is bringing her two darling babies to our house to spend the weekend with us, and next weekend, our new kitchen floor is being installed. Heck, even the small things like my 2 new books that Greg ordered for me and my new library card are enough to make me feel like an incredibly spoiled girl.

However, nothing can compare to last night.  Last night, Greg came home from work and after a nice, leisurely dinner together he took me out and surprised me with a brand new Kitchen Aid Ultra mixer, in RED! Word cant even express how incredibly excited I am to have that gorgeous beast in my kitchen (the mixer, not Greg) and within 20 minutes of having it home, I was already whipping up a batch of royal icing and testing it out.

I know I dont deserve to be so spoiled, and I am SO thankful to God for all the blessings that I have.

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  1. Joan says:

    WAHOO! CONGRATULATIONS! KitchenAids are amazing! And yes, you are spoiled. Not at all envious though!ps: It’s a REALLY good idea to do your new floors AFTER my kids stay at your house!


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