Weekend of Children.

For months, I have been looking forward to having Joans children at my house for the weekend. I think it was back in June when she first suggested Greg and I watch them while she and Derek went to snow camp in February, and I excitedly leaped on the opportunity. I dont know what I expected, but I know that it was so much more fun and rewarding than I imagined. It gave me a chance to really bond with those two, and get to know them and all their little quirks. Whats more, is Skylagh and Faith got to interact with their little cousins and all 4 of them were completely infatuated with each other. It warmed our hearts completely every time Elliot went to one of them with one of his books and asked for a story, or when Anne would run to one of them and put her arms up for a hug.

Of all the things we did, Saturday was my favorite. We bundled up the children and decided to go for a walk. It wasnt that cold and the sun was beautiful, so Greg and I thought it would be nice to go across the street and see how the river was doing. The snow had melted just enough that we could get through the woods and go to the water, and there was just a tiny bit of ice clinging to the water weeds with the rest of the water rushing around them… it was pretty, like jewels on the water! Elliot was so excited to be at the river, and I spent about 20 minutes teaching him how to throw rocks into the water. He had such a great time, and excitedly kept calling out to everyone to watch him throw, it was cute! Faith and Skylagh explored the woods and found a patch of spring flowers breaking through the ground, and Greg stood on the river bank with Anne while she chattered happily the whole time about ducks, water, trees, and most likely, Turbo Dogs. Greg said he only understood about half of what she said :).

We walked in the sun and explored the river bank for some time, then headed home where I had a rack of ribs roasting in the oven. Greg stripped us all of our muddy boots and took a pail of water into the hallway to wash them while Faith and I set the table and started the potatoes. Skylagh and Anne played hide and seek and Elliot stood at my knees jabbering on about how fun it was to throw stones at the water. When he was finished, he went into the dining room and climbed up onto his chair, then sat there looking into the kitchen and watching me finish up dinner. About 5 minutes before supper, he politely asked, "Aunt Berni, do you know where my supper is?" :D. I laughed and asked him if he worked up an appetite at the water and he yelled "yes!" and smiled at me.

During dinner, Anne engaged us all in a game of bird noises. We had to close our eyes and each one of us had to do a bird noise while the rest guessed. She took over the table and pointed to each of us yelling that it was our turn. Everyone was laughing and having fun and before we knew it, it was time for Greg to take Skylagh and Faith home and it was time for me to get the 2 little ones to bed. The older kids were sad to leave the smaller ones and wanted to know when they would see them again, and the little ones were full of hugs for their older cousins. It really was sweet.

I put Anne and Elliot to bed, read them their devotions, said prayers with them and then as I kissed them good night they asked me to sing them songs. Anne had me sing Away in a Manger, Eli had me sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. They were so sweet that I spent another 15 minutes with them then left to do the dinner dishes. I finished up in the kitchen and tip-toed down the hall to check on them but all was quite except for the sound of Anne gently doing dove noises in the dark :). I walked away and about 20 minutes later I poked my head in their room and they were sound asleep.

It really was the most fun I’ve ever had with them… but all weekend they constantly surprised me with their sweetness and funny little personalities. Annes ability to belt out the tune from Turbo Dogs anytime she felt the need was really funny, and in church on Sunday she had all the rows of people behind us laughing at how enthused she was. When the worship team finished the first song and the guy said we may be seated, she clapped her little hands for all it was worth and yelled woo hoo!. When the music was playing, she danced her little body around the back of the chair in front of us, and during time of fellowship, she stood up, faced back and yelled, "hi every body!". 

Elliot was fascinated with our condo building, and Greg took him on several adventures to see where the cars sleep, where all the hallways are located, how the elevator works, the garbage compactor, etc. He was a sponge for knowledge, and even took me to the garbage chute so he could explain how it worked to me :). I loved that he was such a good eater, and occasionally he would tell me or Greg and he liked us, or that Greg was sweet but I was sweeter. He also liked our routines of eating breakfast and dinner in 2 separate rooms and when I failed to set the breakfast table fast enough for him, he reminded me that his spoon needs to rest on a pink napkin :D. I said, "good point Elliot! But how about today we use purple?" and he said that was a good idea… :D.

As fun as it was though, Greg and I were TIRED by the end of it. The first night was fine because Derek and Joan were here with them, but the second night they were restless and we kept waking up every time they moved. At one point, Anne climbed into bed with us and snuggled up beside Greg. He woke up about a minute later and said "oh no you dont!" and picked her up and moved her back to her bed :). Then Elliot woke up and had to go to the bathroom, then Anne made noises in her sleep, etc… by 7am, Greg was watching cartoons with Eli in the livingroom and shortly thereafter I was in the kitchen gulping coffee :). The third night we put them in Faith and Skys bedroom and that was better, but still, I was up at 6am with Anne who woke up crying from a bad dream. Add to that, the fact that were mentally ON the whole weekend, and you can understand why it was that Sunday night we could barely keep our eyes open and couldnt wait to get to bed.

I miss the kids, but I’m glad to be back to normal too :).  Thanks for the opportunity Joan!

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I use food to show love, I make things because it helps me connect to my inner self, and I use social media because it's how I connect to other like-minded people. My life happens between the kitchen, the craft room and the gardens. This blog is where I keep track, work it out, and share my ideas. Feel free to share your thoughts back with me!

One thought on “Weekend of Children.

  1. i can not even tell you how happy i was to read that! i’m so glad that my kids had such a great time and were so well taken care of. have i thanked you a million times yet? that’s my goal. thank you!!!!!!!!!!!did you put turbo dogs on for anne? ’cause she hasn’t really watched it here, just the theme song a few times. i’m curious to know if you just recognized the song or if you actually put it on for her. i’m still recovering from the weekend… hope that you have a speedy recovery too!


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