The First Week.

 I finally have an announcement to make about my cake shop!!  After many long months of looking at locations, tweaking the business model, feasibility studies and so on, things finally came together and extremely quick. In fact, I’ve already been open and in business for a whole week :D.

I wont bore you with the details, so here is the final product; I’ve rented a fully set-up commercial kitchen in a fairly prestigious part of town on a road that has a lot of traffic. The company that owns the kitchen specializes in teaching people how to prepare their own gourmet meals… the only problem is that 90% of their business is in preparing the meals for others and then delivering them. Its kind of like an advance catering system, since they prepare food for a whole week, package it with reheating instructions and then ship it to the consumers freezer.

With their business booming on one side and not doing so well on the other, it left me with their public kitchen and prep stations. We negotiated a price and money has been exchanged so now its official with keys, security code and the whole bit. I wont need to purchase any fixtures or get building insurance, and I wont have to go through the hassle of trying to set up a whole commercial kitchen! I’ve also been given a room in the back to store my ingredients, and set up a private prep-station for those days when I need to sit down with a cake for several hours and do detail work.

The prep stations will allow me to teach interest classes as well, which is something I thought I’d have to put off for a few years until I could afford a larger location. I’m planning on teaching bread baking, pastry making and cake decorating (the basics), and maybe a few other things… the ideas are still milling in my head :). The trade off in taking this space was that although it allowed me to teach classes now, I wont have a retail space to sell goods so thats been back-burner’d.

This past week, I’ve made a 50th birthday cake, a 15th birthday cake and a retirement cake for a police officer. All my deliveries were successful and the clients all loved it. The best was the police officers cake… I got to shape it like his forensics van, and had a lot of fun with the details such as the police badge logo on the side doors, the markings and I even made a little license plate. I delivered it at 4pm yesterday, and at 8:30 last night when Greg and I got home there was a phone message from the guys wife telling me it was the most perfect cake and thanking me profusely. She also said my business cards were snatched up like crazy.

So there you have it, its official now and I have fully made my transition from sales and marketing to baking. It feels "sweet"… hahaha, okay, bad joke. :D.

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  1. Joan says:

    oh i think you misspelled that: it wasn’t a "bad" joke, it was a "dad" joke. sheesh… what’s with you and greg!?


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