Secret Sister

I dont try to come off as knowing everything there is to know about being a good Christian, but I do know that I’m a work in progress. When I discovered that there was a woman at church who didnt seem to like me that much, I tried to let it roll off my back; afterall, not everyone has to like me!

I like being involved, and as a new comer to the church I tried to be involved in a variety of projects. One woman noticed that I was kind of creative and suggested several things I might like to be involved with, just to help out a little. Things were going fine, until I noticed that there was another woman, elderly, who didnt seem to appreciate my help so much. When we would have to work together on something, she would make sarcastic comments to me and talk down to me as though I didnt know what I was doing.

Some people who know me know that I can get a little sensitive at times – these were not one of those times! The woman was so rude with me that she made others who overheard her feel uncomfortable and they tried to smooth her comments by trying to turn them into jokes. It didnt really work though, and now I dont get asked to help with anything she helps with, and when I volunteer I’m told "thanks anyway".  I dont let it bother me, the church is big enough that I can work on other things, and I just try to avoid her.

Now around that, I’ve really been feeling convicted about harboring negative thoughts towards others at times. Nothing major, just that sometimes I feel like I’m being a little too harsh in how I think about others actions, and I’ve been asking God to help me with that. I shouldnt think things that I would feel appalled at saying to someones face. So I took it to Christ, because after all, who knows my thoughts better than Him?

Our church draws names every year for ‘Secret Sisters’… each woman is secretly matched with another, and throughout the year its up to you to privately lift up your secret sister… leaving notes of encouragement, small gifts, praying for them… and you guessed it, God matched me with the one woman I try to ignore.

Some would say its a coincidence, but I dont think so. I look at the fact that I could have been matched with anyone and I would have loved being their secret sister for a year, and instead I have to pray for, and encourage, someone who has nothing but obvious disdain for me. I happen to think its obvious that Gods in that, and I’m about to spend the next year learning some pretty cool lessons. :D.

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