March Break

March break is a treat for kids, but this week it was also a treat for me :).

On Sunday, Greg and I picked up the kids and spent the afternoon with them down at the farm. We left them there for the night and I went and picked them up again the next day, satisfied that they’d spent enough time with their Grandmother.  We love having the girls around because they have such varied personalities that we never get tired of hearing what they have to say – maybe we get a little tired of the bickering, but not what they have to say :P.

So Monday night we played board games and hung out, and then Tuesday my mom came up with Becky, Noah, Sarah, Taira and Franklin. Talk about a full house!!  Mom had never been to my place before so I enjoyed showing her around, and then we all sat around the diningroom and had a big lunch of sloppy-joes. After lunch all the kids played a board game in the kitchen and Mom, Sarah and I visited, then we all packed up and headed to Springbank park to enjoy the beautiful weather. The day was perfect, the small blemish being that Faith had her purse stolen, and it held her babysitting money, her new iPod and Becky’s nintendo DS. It was a hard lesson for the kids to learn, but Greg and I feel happy with the way we dealt with it.

On Wednesday I took Skylagh and Faith to the Fanshawe Sugarbush. We met up with some of Gregs cousins and their children, and spent the morning touring the maple groves, learning about the history of maple syrup and seeing the process in action. It was kind of cool, and afterwards we went to the big barn and had a nice lunch of pancakes, sausage and maple syrup.

Of course, I do have to work sometimes, so after that I dragged the girls to my commercial kitchen so I could prep a cake for pick up later that day. It didnt take me long and then the girls wanted to look at all my equipment and have me teach them some things so we were there for a bit and then next thing I knew, it was time to take them home.

Once they were dropped off, I came home to start dinner and clean up a little. It was a quite night and I got in some baking (chocolate cake, rhubarb pie and carrot muffins) and then Greg and I sat on the couch and vegged before bed.

Yesterday, Desiree and Pauline came to visit with Gavin and Rilynn. We had a ton of fun downtown… we went to the big market, my favorite kitchen store and had lunch at Williams. We were gone almost all day, then came back here for some cake and milk, and Rilynn brought her Barbie ‘The Nutcracker’ movie to share with me. We sat around the livingroom watching the movie until it was time for them to go, and Greg got home from the office just as they were leaving.

And then we went to ballroom dancing lessons. Seriously, it was a packed week!! Today it will be a quiet day… laundry, paperwork and maybe some work down at the kitchen (I call my work "The Kitchen"). I wont have any company today, but thats okay… I feel pretty satisfied and content :).

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