The Flu.

I went all winter without getting the flu. Greg had it twice, my friends had it, my family had it… but somehow I managed to escape it. I chalked it up to good hand washing and lots of fruits and veggies. While the rest of my loved ones battled the flu epidemic of 2009, I had maybe 2 days of feeling tired and sore, thats it.
Last week, my niece Becky caught the flu. Then Joan went down to visit my mom for a few days and she and her children caught the flu as well. By thursday, everyone was feeling better and the house was disinfected. Greg and I arrived in Niagara Friday afternoon with Faith and Skylagh to celebrate Easter with my family and we had a fantastic day. After a nice afternoon of visitng and hanging out, Greg got a baseball game going outside while my dad started a cozy fire. We didnt leave until around 9pm which made for a late night by the time we got home, but it was worth it.
On Saturday, we packed up the kids and headed to the farm to celebrate Easter with Gregs family. We had an equally great day there, with a nice big turkey dinner and a tour of the local farms. We visited some cows, large white dogs and horses. After a light dinner, we headed home to watch a movie and call it a night. The only problem, was that Faith felt a little car sick from all the driving. She seemed fine after an hour in the house, but then she took a turn for the worst and started to throw up.
I sent Greg and Skylagh to bed and offered to stay up with Faith. I thought that since I hadnt had the flu all winter that I was the ideal choice, and I felt perfectly fine. Faith was up every hour on the hour having to throw up, and in between these boughts I would lay on the couch opposite her and catch some sleep until the next one. When she was up, I would stand behind her in the bathroom holding her hair and rubbing her back. At 3am, I woke up with the most painful stomach ache ever, and by 3:05 I was in the bathroom. It was really cute, but Faith woke up and followed me in to hold my hair and rub my back… after that, we were in it together. I dont think either of us slept much that night, but we were up for each other when the nausea hit and we kept the britta jug on the coffee table for easy access.
So anyway, I still have it, but I’m slowly on the mend. Faith went home yesterday and I hope she’s feeling better, and I equally hope that Skylagh didnt get it. Greg seems to have escaped it, which is good because I dont think I could handle anymore of this. It was truly the nastiest flu I’ve had in the longest time.

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