House Hunting.

For some time now, Greg and I have been house hunting. We didnt tell anyone because it was more special that way – it is after all our first house purchase together!

We looked at houses that were really old but gorgeous, and we looked at houses that were brand new and didnt even have lawns yet. We knew that there were some features we wanted, like a 2 car garage and 4 bedrooms, but beyond that we were open to new ideas. Finally, last week we found the one that we fell in love with, and yesterday we put an offer on it. Putting in the offer doesnt guarantee that we’ll end up with it, but at least its a firm step in that direction. Firm enough that we arent going to keep it a secret anymore anyway :).

Also, this coming weekend is Greg’s big baseball Pre-Season Event, and the guy he’s flying in is Jesse Barfield (former celebrity bluejay player).  I’m actually making the cake for the event so the next few days I’ll be in over my head with fondant, icing and cake – hopefully, the end result will be good. I’ll post the pictures next week and you can decide.

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