Exciting Changes.

Now that the condo has sold, and Greg and I have purchased our new house, we’re both pretty excited about all the changes the next few months will bring. We may not be moving for another 60 days, but to us thats barely enough time to plan and execute a perfectly organized and systematic change of living spaces :D.

If we break it down into 8 weeks, then thats only 1 week per room (in the condo) and 1 week to attack the storage unit in the parking garage. It wont take a week to do each room, dont get me wrong, but with our limited amount of spare time, we’ll need to sit down in each room and sort out what we’re keeping, what we arent, what can get packed and stored now, what needs to stay out, etc and then go ahead and pack the decided items and tuck them away.  I get such a rush from this!!

Another exciting change is more a change of routine. Tonight is the official first night for the Samson Christian Slo-pitch league baseball season, and from now until the end of August I’ll be spending my monday evenings watching my husband out of the field. I love watching him play baseball, love watching him walk through the complex checking on all the teams, and especially the tradition of going out for ice cream after the game and eating sundaes! There’s just something really fun about sitting in a lawn chair watching your friends and loved ones play while all of their friends and loved ones sit around you, children included, and everyone is talking and visiting, and having just a great time. It kind of makes up for the fact that our team rarely ever wins a game :D.

The last change at the moment is one thats a change of how things work in my life… Mothers day is a day I tend to use to spoil my momma (and I did), and also a day to spoil Gregs momma (which we did). But on Saturday morning while I poured my coffee and planned my day, my step-daughter Skylagh came into the kitchen and surprised me with a card and a box of cookies. I never expected that in a million years (it was from Faith too, but she was still sound asleep), and I was completely touched.

I dont think I’ll ever understand those people who are afraid of a little change :D.

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  1. Joan says:

    that’s so cool that f&s got you a present! gave me a few little chills, actually.i also got excited at the line: "…sort out what we’re keeping, what we aren’t,…" think of me before you chuck it out! ha ha… knitting party this weekend! bring the waffle iron!


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