Daughter of Zion.

At some point in my life, I learned the valuable lesson: "Greatness begets greatness". Look at  Socrates, Plato, Aristotle… some of the greatest minds in history and what do they have in common? Plato was the student of Socrates, Aristotle was the student of Plato… and taking it further, Aristotle taught Alexander the Great, and further than that, Julius Caeser emulated himself after Alexander… etc. Greatness begets greatness. In the eyes of the world that means you surround yourself only with successful people, scrape off the needy and distressed and focus each day on your goals and achieving them. In the eyes of God, that means something entirely opposite.

Yesterday I attended the burial of a dear Aunt. She married my uncle when I was a child but from that day on she was a devoted and dedicated Aunty who always took time to attend family functions, come for visits and even last year at the age of 88, she traveled the distance to come to my wedding! Even when she went to a home, she still found a way to come to every gathering. She was a large part of my child hood, and that position demanded the respect of attending her burial.

As the pastor spoke the final eulogy, he spoke about a woman who loved the Lord. He gave account after account of her deeds within the church and her role as a Christian woman. He spoke of her hospitality, her love for her family and her desire to serve God. He called her a true daughter of zion.  As I listened to him recount her life, I stared at the headstones of 2 men, Harold Bowman and Denis LeBrun, my uncle. She loved both these men, and was a true and faithful wife until the end. I thought about my cousin Donna, her daughter, who passed away years ago from cancer and how she was also such a servant for Christ. Greatness begets greatness.  My aunt was a great woman, and I would be honored to be like her even just a little.

The service closed with the Pastor speaking these words of commitment, "Since it has pleased the Lord God to take the soul of his daughter Ina…" and I realized how truly beautiful a life lived for Christ can be.

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