Moving Week.

If I seem negligent in updating my blog, its only because I hate saying the same things over and over again :). We’ve been getting ready to take possession of our new house, I’ve been making cakes, we’ve been pursuing the summer traditions of baseball, boating and pizza and taking time to visit family and friends. But now things are changing a bit, so here I am :D.

Today Greg and I get to go to our new house and do the final inspection. We’re very excited because we’ve been waiting months for this opportunity! Its our right as the buyers to schedule visits to the house to take measurements and so on, but the people who currently own the house were unwilling to cooperate so other than a brief (and tense) visit to the house, we’ve chosen to keep our distance. We found out later that the sale of the property was linked to a divorce, so I guess we can hardly blame them for their emotional state.

We’ve loved our condo, there is so much of us poured into these walls. When Greg first bought this place it was an outdated relic; antique wallpaper, old lady hand rails everywhere, 30 year old flooring in the kitchen and entrance and the kitchen was a throw back to the 70’s. The many nights that went into peeling wallpaper, drywalling, gutting and remodeling are too many to count but there isn’t a room in this place that doesn’t have his mark on it. We’ve spent the first year of our marriage here, have made happy memories within these walls and at the end of the day, we’ll be sad to leave this place. We’re excited to move into our new house, and talk frequently about the things we love about it, but for the first little bit it will still be a house to us and this will be our home.

One of the things we’re looking forward to is living in a small town. Both of us have roots in small towns and yet as adults we’ve always made our homes in the larger cities. We arent that far outside of London, and yet when we walk the town its amazing how small it feels! Its this tiny little group of businesses and people surrounded by farm land, and everyone knows everyone else. The house is fairly new, less than 10 years old and is in a great subdivision beside a protected conservation area. We have a huge lot, fully fenced in and a saltwater pool. There’s also a nice veggy garden and a firepit; two things to keep me very busy and relaxed :D.  The house itself is large enough for all of us and yet not so large that you feel lost, and we only have neighbors on one side of us, the woods are on the other. There are so many things to look forward too!!

We are so grateful for the blessings God has given to us. I dont think either of us imagined finding a house that would be so perfect for us, but God knew just where we would end up. I can admire the house, but I am awe-struck by the gift from our loving Father. All those talks Greg and I had between us about what the right house would be, all those dreams we dreamed in our minds, God heard them all, and now here we are.

Its just so amazing.

2 thoughts on “Moving Week.

  1. my, my! what an emotional entry! i’m sure it won’t be long before your new house feels like a home and your condo is a distant memory. especially when we all come visit and you have to chase after us with coasters 🙂


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