Settled in Tiny Town

I have only a few minutes before the apple chips I’m baking will be brown, and then its out the door for me; But until then, I may as well update my blog and get it crossed off my on-going to do list.

A few weeks ago we moved into our house, and since then we’ve been settling in and discovering our new neighborhood. The kitchen is half painted, the old swing set that was left in the backyard has been dismantled and the new kitchen faucet and garbage disposal have been installed. The kids spent a week with us last week and spent most of it in the pool, and we’ve been gardening and landscaping like crazy. Even the rabbit has been enjoying his new habitat! He has a cozy little barn (dog house size) with a fenced in pen out in the yard, and because the yard is secure, we let him out occasionally to lay in the grass and eat baby weeds.

A week and a half ago, I turned 32 and Greg threw me a nice little party at home. The next day, we locked up the house and went and spent a relaxing 3 days at the cottage, with a detour to Tobemory for some shopping and beaver-tails. It was nice to get a way because we had gone nuts unpacking the entire house within a week; Lots of late nights and early mornings, so being at the cottage gave us a chance to mentally shelve our to-do lists and just hang out with the kids :). We also had the opportunity to go and visit my sister Pauline’s new house! She and her husband Greg (affectionally called "other Greg") bought a house the same time we did, so it was great to be able to go and see their new home and help unpack them as well. Pauline’s baby will be due in December so they’re going to have their hands full before too long, especially with all that cute personality coming from their first born!

Tonight Greg and I have theater tickets, it’ll be our first real date in just over a month. We can’t wait :). 

I think my apple chips are done now!!

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