Just getting it out.

Last Easter, my aunt Denise started to feel ill. The doctor ran some tests and long story short they told her that it wasnt serious. Last week she finally had her surgery, and when they went in they found her full of cancer. All they could do was sew her back up and tell my uncle that she didnt have much time left. She was supposed to go home the next day on her way to recovery, and now she may not leave the hospital at all.

Lots of thoughts have gone through my mind over this. How is it that with todays technology and modern medicine, cancer can run rampant through someones body undetected? Greg and I have spent the past 4 days running back and forth to Niagara to visit her in the hospital, and those long drives have taken their toll on my mind. I dont know who I should be angry with, IF I should be angry, and trying to not grieve while she’s still alive.

My prayer for her is that she’ll recover enough to be able to go home where she can rest comfortable surrounded by her own things.


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