Life in Suburbia – I

As Greg and I get settled into our new home in our little tiny-town, lots of things are happening around us… enough to keep our head spinning. My aunt Denise is still in the hospital, some days are better than others. Pauline and Greg are getting ready to welcome the newest addition to their family as are Sarah and Franky, and Desiree is getting married next weekend. The new Sunday school schedule is almost upon us, the LeBruns annual labor day camping weekend is only a few days away, and the kids are all getting ready for going back to school. Not to mention the cake business, baseball playoffs and the fact that I’m now a member of the towns art council.

Every day Greg and I do a little more to the house to make it feel more like home. Last night Greg worked in the yard and then hung the new spice shelf in my kitchen. Today I’m sewing curtains and actually putting the jars onto the spice shelf, I’m also testing some new recipes for my cake business. French toast flavored cake… anyone want to try? It should be interesting :).

The yard has been my favorite part so far. When we moved in the yard was nothing but a large mass of brown grass, a compost heap, a poorly planted honeysuckle vine and a very weed-grown flower bed. There was an old wooden swing set set up near the back and all along the perimeter were newly planted crimson maples.

In the past month that we’ve lived here, we’ve done so much to that yard! We dug a huge sun-bed at the top of the yard and started the back border by planting hydrangeas, hibiscus and sedums. We weeded the little flower bed that was along the side of the house added some wild flowers, and we dug a nice shade-bed in the back under the trees for shade plants. We also purchased some 20 foot saplings and had them planted in the yard, and got a consult on transplanting the others. Its all part of our plan to turn the majority of our lot into a wooded haven. I’d say with 10 trees in the back yard we’re on our way :).  The swing is gone now and the compost heap has been integrated into a few of our new beds so we’re almost ready for the next step. At the very back of the yard are 4 large ash tree’s, 1 is dead. The dead tree is getting cut down but will still be about 10′ tall. We’re having a lamp put on top of the post with a switch in the house so we can turn it on and off from inside. The other 2 tree’s are getting a hammok slung between them and the back corner will get a pond (already purchased and ready to install) and a small patio with a table for 2.

I’d say we’ve done almost everything that can be done for this year as far as perrenials go, and once the leaves are off the tree’s we can transpant the ones that have to be moved for next year. The pond and lamp will be installed this year too, but after that its going to be a long winter of dreaming and planning until we can get out there and play in the garden again.

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