Labor Day Weekend.

Every labor day, my sisters and I get together with our families and celebrate the end of the season together. This year we were supposed to go to Turkey Point, but with my aunt being ill we changed our minds and all headed to Niagara.

I know I’ve babbled about it briefly in a previous post, but what happened was my aunt went in for routine surgery to examine an obstruction in her stomach and to fix a ruptured hernia. She checked in in the morning and was supposed to be going home the same day, but instead what happened was they opened her up and found her full of cancer, so much that they deemed her terminal and closed her back up. That was 3 weeks ago. At the time, they said that she had 3 months left to live, by the end of the first week they said it was only a matter of weeks, and by the end of the second week they said it was only a matter of hours.

Over labor day weekend, my sisters camped out in my parents back yard (10 acres) and Greg and I got a hotel room a few blocks from the hospital. Our days were filled with a strange routine; we would have our family breakfasts together while 1 or 2 would be at the hospital, then they would come back to eat while a few more of us went to visit Aunty, and so on. For 3 days we ate together, hung our with each other and took turns being with our aunt as she deteriorated.

I know that I will have more opportunities to write about my aunt so I wont go into details just yet. Its all still too sudden for me. The one thing I noticed though was how close our family seemed during this weekend. It was almost like we realized (without saying it) that its so important to cherish these times together. I really felt that we became closer as a family this past weekend, and also that my husband became a true part of our family as well.

On Monday the doctors told us it would only be a matter of hours now for my aunt, that she probably wouldnt live until dinner. My dad stood beside her bed and began to sing to her out of his hymnal but he was emotional and his voice shook. Then Greg went behind him and began to sing with him, and the two of them sang so well together, it was beautiful. I was never more proud or in love with the 2 most important men in my life.

Its Thursday now and my aunt is still breathing. She cant speak to anyone anymore and the jury’s out on whether or not she even knows anyone is there, but everyone is working hard to make sure she isnt alone. We’re really going to miss her.

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