The Ones We Lost.

Since my last blog, my aunt has died. She lasted another few days after my last post, but at 6am the following Saturday she quietly breathed her last breath and went with God. My Dad and my Aunt Ida were sitting by her side and they said it was very peaceful. We buried her the following Tuesday on a sunny and warm autumn day in a picturesque setting beside a pond with a spouting fountain and a grove of maples.

I have a wonderful family. Its warm and close, and full of history. My dad and his siblings are proud french canadians who came from humble beginnings and live simple lives; My whole life, they’ve been a vital part of my upbringing. Almost 5 years ago we lost my uncle Denis. Last year, my aunt Diane. A few months later, my uncle Denis’ wife, aunt Ina. Last month, my Aunt Denise.

I think I struggled this past year because I realized that as we get older we begin to lose the ones who brought us up, the ones who taught us what life was all about. As sad as I am to say good bye to them I look at how close my sisters and I are, how close our kids are, and I know that its because we were raised by amazing people who set good examples.

It comforts me to know that the ones we’ve lost are now with Christ, but I have to tell you, they were really great people and they’re missed.

Photo’s (left to right)
1. Aunty Denise and Aunt Diane
2. (bottom row) Aunty Denise, Aunt Diane, Aunt Ida, Aunt Sue. (top row) Uncle Denis, Uncle John, Uncle Gill, My Dad, Uncle Paul, Uncle Roly.
3. My Grandmother and Grandfather.

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