it’s been a while.

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged but that doesnt mean I’m giving up; It just means I needed a break :).

I’ve been working steadily with my cakes and have reached a point where I’m booking a month solid in advance, with some bookings going as far as next September, and my work on the board for the towns art council continues to keep me entertained as well. Add to that the mad dash of the holidays, and a 6 month old puppy and you have one very busy me.

There were also some things I didnt want to talk about, like the fact that Greg and I are entering the final stages of adoption! Thats right, I’m going to try my hand at motherhood :D. Nothing is final yet and wont be for a while, but we’ve reached the point where we’ve done all of our references, assessments, police checks and parenting classes, and now we have 3 of 4 personal interviews left. After that, its a matter of finding the child or children that God has intended for us.

Some people wonder if we’re ever going to have biological children and I guess I have to keep saying that thats PRIVATE. Yes, a girl who keeps a blog can have some private thoughts ;). All I know is that Greg and I feel that adopted children are just as precious as biological ones if not more so because they need extra love, patience and a second chance to have normal childhoods.

This weekend we have our annual Christmas party and thats got me pretty busy this week. Now that we’re in a larger home we’ve invited over 50 people – yikes! It’ll be a lot of fun though, and we even have someone bringing song sheets to get some Christmas carols going. I cant wait :).

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