Christmas Holidays

Only 4 days until Christmas and I can honestly say I have already celebrated like crazy :). Last weekend Greg and I picked up the girls and headed to Niagara where I was deposited safely at my sister Paulines house for the annual "Sisters Sleepover". I think this was year 12? My sisters and I sat around the kitchen table catching up on each others lives and around 11pm we headed into the living room to open gifts. I loved my presents! I got a great heavy steel garlic press, a "Good housekeeping Hostess" book from the 50’s, a crepe pan, the new Diana Gabaldon book, and an iTunes gift card. I think everyone was happy with what I got them as well, but Sarah was a little weirded out by my gift to her. Since my sewing room was set up a few months ago I sew a lot of things, and for her I made a scandanavian mei tai. Its a sort of pouch that you put your baby in and then strap it to your chest or back. I made one for Pauline too and she’s already used it. She said that as soon as she put Garret into it he curled up to her chest and fell asleep :).

The next night was my parents Christmas party. As usual everyone had a good time, but I’d be lying if I said that you didnt notice the ones who werent there. The place where Aunty Denise always sat (although full of people) seemed empty, and that made the absence of my Aunt Dianes family and my Aunt Ina all the more visible. But God always gives us balance, and for all the absence of the elder ones, there was a huge mass of little ones running around and enjoying Christmas as they’ve always known it.

The next day Greg and I drove the girls home and then spent the rest of the Sunday getting ready for the Christmas concert at church. Greg was at the church all day, I ran errands for him and brought in the pizza for the kids during rehearsal, and then spent the afternoon at home decorating the big cake for the night. It was a really pretty cake but I didnt take a pic so you’ll have to take my word for it :). The evening was fun and that night we slept like babies.

Since then we’ve spent the past week getting ready for our own Christmas party and I had some cake orders to fill. By Saturday night our festivities were in full swing and my house was so packed with people that we had some waiting in the front yard to get in. No word of a lie – it was that crowded! My parents drove up with Bex and Noah and we had a nice visit. Dad liked my chili (LeBruns and Christmas Chili go hand in hand) and we discussed techniques while Momma got all caught up with Gregs parents, who she really likes. Becky helped me cycle the food out of the fridge to the tables and bring back empty platters and even decorated about a dozen cupcakes for me while I was busy. She was a great help! We tried something new this year (because its our 3rd year) and had someone bring in song sheets and get a huge sing-song going. We sang about 7 Christmas carols (the dining room crowd did anyway) and it was so nice. Definitely doing that again next year. We had a huge bowl of candy bags by the front door for the children (45 kids?), 3 food stations, a bedroom set up with a tv and Christmas movies for those who needed a quiet moment. I think we did alright and by the time the last guests left, it only took us an hour to bag the rest of the garbage, run the dishwasher and sweep up.

Today I’m finishing my shopping and then there’ll be some quiet time in my sewing room. I’m making placements for our Christmas table since we’re hosting dinner this year. With all the chaos done we’ll be able to focus on the real meaning of the holiday and spend some quiet time with family. Merry Christmas everyone! God Bless you :).

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