Settled into Winter.

I finally have the holiday season packed back into its boxes and stored in the closet under the stairs for another year. After the parties passed, the rest of our holiday was pretty relaxing and low key. On Christmas eve we went to church for the candle light service, and on Christmas day everyone (on the Robinson side) gathered here for dinner. I cooked the turkey, my mother in law brought the stuff for sandwiches later that night and everyone spent the day opening gifts, enjoying their gifts and eating food :). Boxing day was the usual shopping mayhem and 2 days after that Greg and I headed to Niagara for some quality time with my parents and sisters.

Gregs parents surprised him with a residential John Deere snow blower on Christmas Day and it seemed a little silly because we still had green grass. The next day however it earned its keep while we realized why they say we moved to the snow belt. For days it came down, and Greg had the snow blower our 2 and 3 times a day at first. I think yesterday was the first day he didnt take it out, but then this morning he was out there at 7am clearing our driveway before he left for work. My sister Joan made fun of us for even having one – but after last weeks snow storm I think its safe to say that 75% of the people in our neighborhood have one, and with good reason too :).

My favorite part of Christmas morning (although I loved ALL my gifts) was when we were done. I was up in the kitchen checking the turkey, my in laws were puttering around, the kids playing, and Greg came into the kitchen with a weird look on his face. He said that he felt like he hadnt given me very good gifts this year (totally crazy by the way) and that he felt bad about it. I told him I loved my things (especially Paper Mario!) and he said that we should check the tree one more time. We went to the family room and the tree was bare, but he did a lot of drama about looking before he reached into the branches and pulled out a tiny ring box with a bow. I stood there with my mouth open while he said, "I thought there was one more!" and when I opened it it was the prettiest amethyst solitaire ever! Amethysts are one of my favorite stones, and he even had it set in a white gold band :). I’m spoiled, I know.

For New Years eve we had some friends over for dinner and then played Rock Band 2 for about 2 hours in the family room. Well, Greg and Shawn did – Laurie and I just watched and laughed at them :). They headed home around 9:30 and then Greg and I got in the car and drove to a new years party where a bunch of our friends had gathered to bring in the new year together. It was fun and low key and just the right way to end the year. We slept until 11am the next day and while Greg grumbled that we were becoming teenagers we had a great morning of brunch, coffee and peace and quiet.

January is probably the longest month of the year for me because it feels so calm compared to December. I’m hoping to pick up my book study again; I’m kind of ashamed to say I let it fall by the wayside over the holidays. Its a great study about becoming a woman after Gods own heart. Its not heavy, but the author and I seem to have a lot in common so I’m really understanding where she’s coming from. I found that just doing a few of the things she suggested brought me a lot of emotional peace. Anyway, thats how I’m hoping to spend January. Its not a bad month to readjust my thinking as I go into 2010 :).


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