My Craft Room.

I am getting so tired of winter! This month seems to be dragging on and on but at least its almost over. February looks good; We have tickets to see CATS on the 2nd, the anniversary of our first date is on the 10th, Valentines day, etc. But for now, its just me staring out the front window with a huge scowl on my face ;).

January hasnt totally been a lost cause. I’ve had a lot of time to be creative and thats a treat. In our house I have a big craft area; Its in the unfinished part of the basement but its clean and comfy. I found a big table on kijiji a few months ago for $15. It had been their kitchen table and was so big it could seat 12, with a bright purple plastic top – perfect for a craft table! So I have that with my sewing machine at one end, and I use the space for cutting and measuring. Beside that I have the ironing board (because I’ve learned that ironing is the key to sewing a straight seam), and 2 tall cupboards on wheels containing my glue sticks, fabric, thread, yarn, felt, patterns, etc. You name it, its in there.

Its a great room to retreat to, and much of this month has been spent in there. I’ve made gifts for people, blankets out of scraps, coasters out of fabric and even a spring wreath for my front door. I think I’m really blessed to have a space like that; Next to my kitchen, its my favorite room in the house 😀.

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