The blog monster.

I started keeping this blog years ago as a means of keeping my sister Joan informed on my life, and in the years that have followed its just become habit. Lately though I have to remind myself to sign in and write something, and whereas I used to blog once a week I’m now lucky if I can remember to do it once a month. My husband asked me once why I bother and all I can say is that its become a familiar, comfy thing; Like my favorite pair of pink fuzzy socks or the blanket I wrap myself up in when I’m cold, the need to journal my days and thoughts is just something that makes me happy.

So. On with it then :).

February has flown by, and I say that so often now I’m starting to wonder if thats just part of being a grown woman instead of a child. We’ve started renovating the main floor bathroom and converting it into two bathrooms – one is an ensuite off our master bedroom, the other a powder room for guests. The reno is going slow but we still have the downstairs bathroom and jacuzzi, so who’s complaining? Not me! Hard to feel sorry for myself when I wake up and hop into a hot tub with jets and a good book! Soon, I’ll be sorry to see the shower installed upstairs :).

We spent family day in Niagara with my family, and I still havent had a chance to meet Franky and Sarah’s new little one, Naomi. Its been a tough couple of weeks for them and the day I was in Niagara, they were at mcmaster in hamilton being told she had to have surgery. It seems she had a blockage in her GI tract but they were able to remove it and she’s recovering nicely now. I can keep praying for them, but I really hope I can get down to Niagara at a time that works for them so I can meet my newest niece.

On Feb 2. (backing up a little) Greg and I went to see CATS at the JLC in London. We hated it and sneaked out during intermission. We just didnt feel like we were going to miss any crucial plot points in Act 2 :P. We spent the rest of the night eating cake and drinking lattes downtown before heading back home. I kept the CATS program for a few days and occasionally stuck it in Gregs lunch box before he headed out the door. Good times :).

I’ve been teaching a lot of classes and I’m enjoying it. The cakes orders are coming in once again, there’s a bakery in London thats asked me to do some decorating for them on the side and Loblaws has agreed to purchase fondant on an "as needed" basis from my company. The fondant sales arent crucial to my business or anything, they’re just icing (haha!).

Oh, and we’ve been watching the olympics every night. Greg is learning to love figure skating, and by learning to love I mean he’s getting really good at keeping quiet and only rants about them being "pansy’s" during commercial breaks. He’s a good boy :D. I consider it payback for all the mornings I have to listen to him go on about his baseball league – speaking of which, he signed his celebrity for this years season opener, and its Tommy John. That still means nothing to me, but then again neither did Tony Fernandez or Jesse Barfield and I had dinner with them!

I think thats all for now. Really, my next blog will be much better. Joans kids are coming to spend the weekend with us again at the end of the month and I’m betting there’ll be some adventures :). Hmmm, maybe the bathroom will be done by then!

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I use food to show love, I make things because it helps me connect to my inner self, and I use social media because it's how I connect to other like-minded people. My life happens between the kitchen, the craft room and the gardens. This blog is where I keep track, work it out, and share my ideas. Feel free to share your thoughts back with me!

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