Spring Fever.

Back in February we were renovating our bathroom and got hit with a massive snow storm. I remember this because we had moved the old bathtub out onto the deck for a few days until we could get the truck and remove it, but the snow hit and buried the tub so we were stuck with it for a while. The first week of March came and we were almost done the renovations when the snow thawed. We thought that it was a fluke that we had a few nice days, but after a month we realized that spring had just come early.

I’m glad we kept the tub for a little longer, because once the nice weather hit we started doing yard work. The yard work lead to some light landscaping and the landscaping lead to Greg digging a huge pit at the back of the yard and burying the tub. Yup! We buried it – and now that we’ve run power out the the back, we’re turning it into a pond with a fountain. Neat!!

We also find our days are filling up again. We traveled like crazy for Easter with Gregs parents and then my family, we’ve done a little road trip to Port Dover, and when we arent driving everywhere we’re outside moving tree’s, cutting back old plants and we’ve even cut the lawn twice so far :). Things have also picked back up for cakes and my teaching at Loblaws is doing well, with them having just extended me for another season and traveling as far as Sarnia.

All in all I’d say the season looks promising!

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  1. Joan says:

    neat about the bathtub! it’s amazing how in one location you were white trash, and in another location you’re classy and dignified. i’ll never understand your world! ps: you were talking about moving hosts a long time ago… i tried out both blogspot & wordpress and liked WP mucho better. in case you were wondering….


  2. Bernadette says:

    I know :). When it was on the deck for a few days we were mortified, then we moved it out to the back and buried it and we show it off. I DO live in a complex world, but I seem to belong here :P.


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