Tiny Town Adventures.

Greg and I moved to our little town (population 12000) back in July and had every intention of exploring it to the max. The only problem was that we got so caught up in working on our new house that winter came before we knew it!

This weekend we found ourselves with nothing to do (except I was in Niagara for a totally fun knitting party Friday night!) so we took advantage. On Saturday morning we had our friends who live around the corner over for an interesting breakfast. I found a recipe years ago for a breakfast sandwich that is eggs, cheese, sausage and hot sauce sandwiched inside of a glazed doughnut. It sounds gross, but its seriously tasty! Anyway we made that for them, and they loved it. It was a nice visit and afterwards Greg and I vegged for a few hours while he played Rock Band and I worked on some knitting projects up in the sitting room. After a while we needed to get some air and stretch so we got in the car and headed into town.

We went from shop to shop and bought a few things, took a long walk, admired some of the buildings and made fun of others. Its amazing how one shop (like the shoe store) can take such care with the exterior and its signage, while right next to it is a run down landmark with bristle board signs in the window that read Leo’s taxi. What made it all the more funny was the large sweaty man in a wife-beater shirt standing in the window :). Couldnt have been more perfect. We got back in the car and drove around to some of the garden centers in the area and then stopped at THE local hangout for some lunch. Although the food was a huge disappointment and the restaurant was dirtier than a barn, we sat in a cozy corner and soaked up the atmosphere.

On Sunday we got our bikes off the wall in the garage and went for the first ride of the season. We actually found some great trails through the conservation area and rode through the woods over rocks, hills, wooden bridges and little streams. I’ve never done that kind of riding before and it was so fun! It was also so relaxing and we loved it, this town has some gorgeous parks :).

We capped off the day by attending the evening service at the local Pentecostal church. Since this church is hosting Gregs baseball event this year he wanted to check out the service, meet the pastor, see the building, etc. We were NOT prepared!! Those people are wild!! The attendance was great, the worship band almost blew the roof off that building and everyone was jumping and yelling and waving their arms everywhere! Even the Pastor would be praying and then suddenly he’d start singing, then he’d pray, and then someone else would start shouting and praying… it was seriously wild. We thought that this was maybe one of those motivational churches, but then the Pastor started preaching and he pretty much read the whole bible… and the service was 3 hours long! Greg and I were not prepared for that, so when we finally got home we devoured a whole pizza :).

It was a great weekend :).

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Joan says:

    sounds amazing!and i didn’t know that you had a bike. totally bringing mine with me when we come this summer 😀


  2. Bernadette says:

    You should! I was totally thinking you’d love it :D.


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