Exhausted, Happily.

Today is the first day I’ve had since last Thursday where I can look at the day ahead of me and plan whatever I want. I’m not saying that my life is overly complicated; I pretty much do whatever I want most of the time, but once in a while an extremely busy few days hit me and I’m suddenly more appreciative of the life I live :).

Last Thursday I baked. I had cake orders to fill and a show to get ready for, and we also had Gregs baseball party coming up so I had to finish digging the garden around the pond. Sure it wasnt necessary, but I’m a completist and I wanted it finished (looks great by the way!). Then Friday I had fondant to make, more baking to do, I had to move furniture and get the house ready for the party, I cooked lots of food and finally Greg got home with Skylagh (Faith had a horse thing to go to) and our guests arrived. The party itself was pretty fun, Skylagh and her friend Jordan stuck together like glue and after a tasty dinner we all went to the family room which we had converted into a movie theater with lawn chairs. Greg insisted on showing the movie "Field of Dreams" for the evening :). 

On Saturday I had a show to do. The day was a blur, and I guess you could say I was doing double duty. First, I was there as one of the directors for the towns Art Council. Since the show was hosted by us I had to make sure I was available for helping out in some areas. Secondly, I was there as a cake artist. We put in a booth and I spent the day doing a live demonstration for carving and decorating a 3 foot dinosaur. We had crowds around the booth most of the time so I was only able to get away every so often to check on other things. I was so proud of Greg and Skylagh though – we all worked together like a perfect little team! Skylagh moved between my booth and the art council booth, helping where needed on my behalf. Greg took up post at the admission table later in the day to help fill that hole, and every time I turned around he was putting a hot coffee in my hand and a sandwich or a cookie in my lap. He’s such a great husband :D.  The day ended at 5pm and since we still had a few hours before Skylagh had to go home, we bought some dinner and let her watch episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer until the minute she had to put her shoes on. She loves that show so much.

Sunday and Monday were equally busy days, and a blur in my mind but today is a day of nothing, so I’m sitting back with a coffee and my knitting and planning out a little trip to the local garden centers later today and I think tonight Greg and I will bbq some steaks and go for a bike ride together :).

(photos top to bottom: Gregs movie night in our family room, myself working on part of the dinosaur and two little cave figures that Skylagh and I made from fondant. I was teaching her how to do it so this is her first, I think its adorable!)

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