Fun Stuff.

Two weekends ago, Greg hosted the Samson League Season Opener. If you read back, I’ve been blogging about it for the past few years, always in May. First he had Tony Fernandez come and spea, the following year it was Jesse Barfield and this year he had former New York Yankee, Tommy John. The night was so relaxed, and I think a big part of that was Tommy himself. He had no need to set himself apart from everyone, and in spite of some airport problems, he was a gracious guest. The catered dinner went very well and everyone at the table had a chance to get to know him better. He complimented my knitting and cracked jokes with the guys, and posed for a photo with the caterers. As the ticket holders started lining up out front, he stood in the lobby and shook hands; Everything just seemed to go better because he had no expectations from any of us – he just wanted to be one of the crew.  At the end of the night when we had to say good bye, I was genuine when I told him that we would miss him and that he’s always welcome back :). I am also SO proud of Greg for what he does with this league. I love watching it grow and seeing him make it into something even more fun for the churches that are involved. Every year it just gets better, and its all because of his hard work. This year he was even interviewed and sponsored by a rock n’ roll radio station (FM96) and a reporter tried to crash our private dinner via the back kitchen door and Greg had to toss him. How fun is that?!

This past weekend, we decided to just relax but an unfortunate turn of events left Greg having to attend a visitation at a funeral home on Friday night. We also had plans to have Faith on Friday and Saturday, so that put us in a little bit of a jam. Faith fixed it for us by telling Greg that she wanted me and her to have a girls night, so Greg went to the visitation while we girls hung back. After a quick trip to EB Games, we decided to pick up coffees and cake at Coffee Culture, and then load up the table in the family room with snacks while we built a fort. Many of you know how much I love things to be orderly and tidy, but once in a while you just have to go back to your roots and for me that means pulling the chairs out of the dining room and stringing blankets over the furniture :D. Greg came home a few hours later to find us hunkered down inside our fort with the carnage of our snacking all around us while we watched "Alien vs. Predator" on the big screen, the family room blazing with every candle we could find :).

When the movie was over and the mess cleaned up, Faith asked if we could have a sleep over. She used the argument that I hadnt seen her in almost a month, so we kicked Greg to the next bedroom and Faithy and I had a sleepover in my room. The next day we went to the pet store, chapters, starbucks and saw the movie "Clash of the Titans" in 3D. All in all, I’d say it was a very relaxing weekend!  I also got a gift and a card from the girls although Skylagh wasnt here this weekend. Faith gave it to me on Saturday morning and wished me a Happy Step-Mothers Day. Very sweet.

Next weekend we’re heading to Niagara for some good visiting, a knitting party and a chance for me to give my mom her mothers day gift. Three great weekends in a row, how perfect :).

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