Cabled Purses

I love accessories, I love crafts, and I love making things so when I found the pattern for this purse I just went nuts :).

The pattern knitted really fast, I could probably knock off two of these a day if I wanted, but the handles were another matter. I had seen what this purse looked like with the generic plastic and/or wicker handles and I wasnt crazy about it. I had a vision of something made of wood and kind of chunky, but the only place I could find that had what I wanted was a store 3 provinces away that had no website.

My father-in-law has a wood shop so he made me my handles but it wouldnt be that hard for just anyone to do. If you buy a good Jigsaw and a drill there’s no reason why the average Jane cant do it herself :). Here’s a fairly good run down I found online:


* The purse pattern:

* I used US#15 needles

* Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick yarn (lemongrass is shown)

* 8 cables instead of 6

* Omit the ribbon

* My purse handles measured 8″ wide

* When attaching the handles, only attach from one cabled edge to the other, no the edges of the panels. Some people do this and then they cant open their purses, so watch out for that :).

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