2nd Wedding Anniversary

As of today Greg and I have been married 2 years, and they’ve been 2 of the happiest years of my life :D. We celebrated by going away for a long weekend and we had a fabulous time :). Greg and I take turns planning our anniversary weekend. Last year was his (read the blog here) and this year was mine.

Greg took Friday off and we headed out at about 7am. We met his parents for breakfast and handed over our puppy and by 9am we were back on the road. I had kept our location a surprise so Greg still didnt know at this point where we were headed but he was enjoying the mystery. We drove and chatted for about 2 hours and then I had him pull off at the Pine River Cheese Factory. We did the tour and watched cheese making from the gallery, and then bought some supplies for lunch (chocolate milk, crackers, cheese curds, pepperettes and hot pepper jelly). We got back on the road and I made us a little car picnic, something we both enjoy doing on long drives :).

About an hour after that we pulled off again, this time at MacGregor Point Provincial Park. Greg and I both love hiking and try to do a good deal of it, some trails more challenging than others. I had figured after so much time in the car we would enjoy a good stretch so we took our map and did the 4km Tower Trail. It was an easy hike and we liked the view from the tower, which wasnt very high but let us see the landscape. The whole hike was fun and we saw some really pretty frogs and 1 snake. Near the end, Greg had a little fun with my blood pressure and started talking about bobcats… he likes to get me freaked out, I think its his personal hobby ;).

We checked in at a sweet little Inn just about a block off the beach in Port Elgin around 3pm and decided to nap for 2 hours. When we woke up we took a walk on the beach and then went to The Lord Elgin, a very senior friendly restaurant thats famous for fish and chips. The fish was amazing, we were very happy we tried it out! After dinner we did more walking around the town and then picked up coffee’s and went back to the Inn where Greg kicked my butt in 3 games of Dice Catan.

Saturday morning we were served a yummy breakfast by our hosts and then headed to the Bruce County Museum in Southampton. It took about 2 hours to get through it, and if anyone is ever going through that area I recommend going! They have really great content, and a historically significant lake right behind it with a nice hiking trail. We left the museum around noon, grabbed a slice of pizza from a local shop and then headed to the harbor for the boat tour of the Chantry Island Lighthouse. We were really disappointed to learn that they cancelled the one o’clock tour due to fog on the lake and they refunded our money since the three o’clock tour was booked up. We made up for our disappointment by shopping along the main strip, eating butter tarts from a bakery and going to a 3 acre flea market, but I was still kind of sad that something I planned hadnt worked out.

Greg, ever my hero, decided that we were going back to that harbor at 3pm in case there were cancellations. I waited in the car while Greg went in and about 2 minutes later I saw a man come out and go running to the boat that was about to cast off to stop them, and the next thing I knew Greg had everything sorted and we were on the boat! Praise God, two people had actually canceled; something that they said never happens :D.

The boat trip and tour were so fun, and it was great to see the other side of things since we’d already seen the exhibit in the museum. I even climbed the lighthouse! Dont get me wrong, I can run up 8 stories of stairs without even losing my breath, but I do hate closed in spaces! I gritted my teeth and charged up the stairs though, knowing my reward would be the view at the top… until I got to the top and realized that the windows of the lighthouse were COVERED IN SPIDERS!!!  I lasted about 3 minutes and then enjoyed the rest of the tour guides speech from about one spider-free floor down :D.

The rest of the day was spent doing more shopping (come on, you know what I’m like!) and eating at the other famous fish and chips restaurant. We took our time and played scrabble in the restaurant during dinner, then went for another walk and had coffee and dessert somewhere else. The evening finished with me kicking Gregs butt this time in 3 games of Valley of the Pharoahs.

Yesterday morning we checked out of our little country Inn and spent the day in Bayfield. Every year Greg buys me a piece from a little kitchen set we like and this year we bought the last piece, the tea pot. We did lunch in a little cafe and eventually found our way back to the inlaws to pick up the puppy and came home to one very needy kitty and one very put out rabbit.  We love our pets way too much :).

So as usual we had a great time together! We talked about silly things, important things and nothing, we took long walks and had naps and played up our tourist roles. We enjoyed our time together without distractions and came home wondering if there could ever be two people more in love than we are. I think not :).

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