Family Fun


This weekend Greg and I packed up the car and puppy and headed to Port Dover on Friday night. Gregs parents bought a new boat and we hadnt seen it yet, so the four of us decided to have a bbq on it, go for a leisurely ride before dark and then camp out on it. Its a nice boat but I dont see too many differences from the last one; although I admit I know nothing about engines, horsepower and all those other words that Greg and his dad use when they’re together :). We had a great time though, and the next morning we all had a leisurely breakfast in town and a little walk together before Greg and I had to head to our next destination.

The 1.5 hour drive to my parents was easy enough and we made it cozy with hot coffee’s and some chit-chat. I think we were the first to arrive at dads, mom and Joan were gone out to pick up a few things and no one else was there yet. Greg and my bother in law Derek hung out in the back yard with daddy while I prepared some lunches in the house and played with the kids, and we gave Becky her birthday gift a little early since we werent going to see her on the actual day (today). She loved the torn-jeans we bought her and the new purse, that girl is easy to please :D.

Within a few hours the driveway was full and cars were parking in the front field (my parents have 10 acres) and chaos was taking over in the back of the house. Anyone who knows us knows that chaos and family go hand in hand, so we were having a pretty good time. Kids were running everywhere and swimming in the pool, adults were catching up, Joan and I were wresting in the grass, Dad was torching the grill with a bottle of firestarter and Greg was taking on a group of children with pool noodles and giving them a good beating too :). At any given time you could look around and see that fun was being had, even if the iffy weather did keep away some of the regular attendee’s.

Around 9pm Greg and I said our good byes to our friends and family, collected our very worn out puppy from the patch of grass she was sleeping on and headed for home. The next morning I made a carrot salad and we once again headed out the door, this time to spend the day with our church family at the Sunday School picnic. Greg is the SS Superintendent at our church so he had awards to hand out but it was also our turn to run Jr. church during the service so as soon as the singing was over we left with all the kids. We did story time and prayer but then took the children outside to enjoy the weather. This all ran right into the picnic hour, so between plates of burgers and salad I had a great time keeping the children in the church entertained with games like “stop and go”, hopscotch and Simon Says. It was a lot of fun but by the time it was over my little legs couldnt hop any more hops and I was ready to go home :). I found Greg talking baseball (shocker!) with some of his team mates and shortly thereafter we were on our way home.

The day finished out with napping, gardening and eating pizza in a semi-upright position on the couch :). It was a great weekend and SO nice to spend so much time with our family. The only thing missing were Gregs girls, but we’ll be getting them in a few days and then they’ll be with is for a whole week so I’m sure the chaos will reign once more ;).

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