Full House


When Greg and I were house hunting, we had a wish list that every house we looked at was batted against. We wanted a large yard, 4 bedrooms, both an eat-in kitchen and a dining room, a fireplace and a two car garage. A lot of people said we were crazy for wanting that much space when its just the two of us 90% of the time, but we had an idea of our future and a plan to not move again for at least 10 years. A year ago we bought the house that met all of our expectations and then some; in addition to the above it was at the end of a dead end street, beside a corn field and it had a huge 30 foot salt water pool. These past 2 weeks, we were able to validate our need for so much space and (for lack of a better word)… splendor.

First, we had the kids for 8 days. We kicked off the week on Canada Day by having a little Canada Day celebration at our house. It was a day of friends, appetizers, punch, swimming, baseball and bbq and after dinner we packed up all the kids and headed downtown for the large fireworks display. There the fun continued with glow sticks, free hotdogs and fireworks, and by the end of it we were all pretty worn out.

For the remainder of the week we did things like shopping, baseball, walking, boating, seadooing and watching movies. At one point, friends of ours with their 3 kids came over and spent an afternoon with us as well! Its all fading into a blur in my mind now but there was a lot of fun to be had and the week flew by. Skylagh and I played pranks on each other daily, Faith and I talked horses and graphic design, and the kids ate up the treats I baked them as fast as they could come out of the oven. We made smores around a campfire in the back yard one night and when we werent doing something else the girls were in the pool or laying in the hammok by the pond with their books. The week ended rather suddenly and before we knew it the house was quiet once again.

The next day, my sister Joan, her husband Derek and their two kids (Eli and Anne) came into town for the weekend.  I went all Martha Stewart on them and had welcome packs set up in the kids rooms and guest room, a full roster of planned activities and menus, etc. Lets just say the hostess in me took a joy ride on the crazy martha train :D.

Again, the next 3 days are a bit of a blur but we had so much fun! Joan and I biked all over my little town and I even got to take her on some of the biking trails Greg and I use and we stopped for some ice cream down town. The next day we took a drive to Clovermead Apiaries and that night after the kids were in bed we rented the movie Shutter Island. The next day, after church, taco’s and more swimming, the Gilmores packed up camp and headed home.

After such a crazy 2 weeks, its easy for Greg and I to be thankful that we waited to find the right house. Some day this house will be full 100% of the time, and its nice to get these little glimpses into what that will be like and to know we planned well. It also gives us a new appreciation for the quiet too I think, and the time we get to spend just with each other. The evenings when we just lay on the hammok together, or sit around the fire so Greg can toast me marshmallows while we talk about silly things; Those are blessings. Even last night when Greg and I juggled apples in the kitchen, trying to show each other up. We dropped many of them, did a few impressive tricks and just laughed our heads off :).  As we threw the bruised fruits away, grabbed handfuls of cookies and headed down to the family room I decided that I’m quite happy having this man and this house all to myself for a little while longer. 

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