Jasmine knitting

About a month ago, Jasmine asked me to teach her how to knit. I was happy to show her how to work the needles even though she’s only 6 – the more comfortable she gets with them, the easier it’ll be for her when she’s older!

The thing is though, she really took to it! She originally knitted a pink swatch, but one night she used her knitting to disobey (repeatedly) and we had to take it away from her. She doesnt know it, but I saved it for her for when she’s older – I cant throw away her first knitted piece, I just couldnt… but she doesnt have to know that ;).

I’ve enjoyed many evenings of her asking me if I would like to knit with her. Most of the time she knits a few rows and then I tear it back out and she starts over, but its the time we’re spending together that really blesses me :). She is so determined to get it right that she doesnt mind when it gets torn out – she knows that eventually the holes and knots wont appear and her projects will take shape. She just has a genuine enjoyment of the craft :).

Whats really cute is how she mimics me. She sits on the couch covered in a blanket (like me) and checks her pattern often, crossing out things as needed. Her “pattern” is the cutest thing ever, its a piece of paper that she wrote numbers all over, and when I check my pattern and talk to myself, she does the same :). She keeps it in her own little knitting basket with her yarn and needles, and when she wants to spend good quality time with me she puts a hand on my hip, looks up at me with those big brown eyes and suggests that we go and work on our projects.

It feels good to pass this skill on to her, like some strange torch that the women in my family have passed down for generations. Dramatic, but thats just how I feel :).

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