A Teachers Treat

This past year I’ve had the opportunity to watch Jasmine fall in love with arts and crafts, and I’ve really enjoyed the challenge of finding crafts you can do with a child.

One afternoon we went to the dollar store and spent a few dollars on clay pots, pipe cleaners and card stock. The result was a fun afternoon of painting, talking and watching my little one sneak candies while basking in her sense of accomplishment.

The next morning I watched her get on the school bus proudly clutching the little pot she made for her teacher and I dont think I could have been more in love :).

You will need:

  •  1 small (4″) clay pot
  • 1 matching saucer, preferably with a drain hole already in place
  • 1 green pipe cleaner
  • 1 sheet of green card stock
  • Red paint, paintbrush, newspaper and a cup of water for clean up

Spread your newspaper on the table and squeeze out a decent amount of red paint. Paint the outside of your clay pot and put it aside. Paint the bottom of the saucer and set it aside. Use thin coats of paint, it will dry faster and you can always add another coat.

After approximately 3 coats of paint, turn them around. Paint the inside of the saucer, and the inside of your pot. Using thin coats of paint (again), do 3 coats (again). Let them dry.

Cut a leaf out of your card stock and write the recipients name on the leaf. Punch 2 holes (with a hole punch, as seen in the photo) and weave your pipe cleaner through it making a loop at the top. Slide the bottom of the pipe cleaner through the hole in the saucer (bottom end up) and twist a loop on the inside of the lid to keep it from coming out when you lift.

Fill with candy and enjoy :).

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