Fondant Roses

rose_demo2There really is no reason for this post other than I wanted to make a visual tutorial.
Fondant used to be available only to cake decorators, and only the most skilled could figure out its strange and complicated ways… but that’s really not the case anymore! Fondant can be purchased anywhere you buy cake decorating supplies and the internet is crawling with do-it-yourself recipes. Personally I like to make my own, but when it comes to working with the darker colors like Red and Black, I’ll purchase it pre-colored any day of the week.

Fondant roses are great. You can make them during your idle time and store them in a loosely covered container for weeks and weeks – they’ll dry out and harden, waiting for that day you want to dress up a dessert. Fondant roses aren’t just for cake! Think how amazed your guests would be if you served a bowl of vanilla ice-cream with a simple rose on top? or a slice of lemon meringue pie? Obviously cupcakes and cakes too – but even a bowl of pudding can become so much more special, and all you had to do was open the cupboard and pop one on 😀


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