Quick Floor Mat, DIY

I’m not saying that my daughter is high maintenance, but like every other kid she wants something the second she sees it. Last week we were out running errands and she spotted a furry little carpet that she just had to have. I said no to the purchase but agreed to make her one if she needed it that badly. This agreement was made with much eye rolling on my part.


Years ago my mother had cleaned out her fabric stash and I received about 3 meters of faux fur. I love it, but have never really had a use for it, so when Jassy asked for a rug I decided we would cut it from that.

Cutting the right size was simple, but the backing was another matter. Why make something yourself when you can buy it for the same price? I’m not so in love with my own work that it all has to be handmade. After a little thought I decided to get a roll of rubber shelf liner from the dollar-store. I cut the strips and used a hot glue gun to fuse it to the back of the faux fur.


Tada! Instant carpet. I used up some stash fabric (personal mission for 2014), spent only $1, and Jassy was thrilled. She was also having a tea party with a friend in her room at the time and I was able to overhear her friend tell her how lucky she was that she has a mommy who can make things :).
Unnecessary praise, but it still made me feel like mom of the year.



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