Cinderblock Gardening

The latest craze for gardeners on Pinterest are Cinderblock gardens. The construction is simple – create a box shape with cinderblocks directly onto the grass in your lawn, holes facing up, and fill the interior with soil. Plant your plants and your done, with the exception of the usual routine maintenance of a veg garden.


This year I made one, and although I also grow veggies in another part of the yard, I’m really happy with this idea. I read a few blogs from people who did this last year and took some of their advice by adding a back climbing wall and utilizing the holes for planting small greens. I made a few mistakes but some of my ideas are really paying off!


  • I used 13 blocks. I bought mine new for about $3 each, but you can find them used in lots of places
  • I used 160 litres of soil for the center and filling the holes of the blocks
  • I planted 2 tomato plants INSIDE the cinderblock holes. I dug right down into the ground for the planting, and used the cinderblock as a collar.
  • I bought two small trellises from the dollarstore, and placed the narrow ends into the cinderblock holes. I used hairclips to secure the plants to the trellis.
  • We used tree sapling stakes and chicken wire to make a back wall. Its about 6′ tall and I secure the cucumber vines up it with hair clips.
  • The lettuce greens were planted right in the cinderblock holes. They dont need a lot of room for roots.
  • My broccoli plants needed to be collared with small peony hoops. The fluffy, store bought soil couldnt hold the plants straight up in a wind storm.


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