37 Things I’ve Learned.

My only melt down over getting older, I cut off all my hair. No regrets though, I love it!

Getting older is no big deal when you are surrounded by loved ones who want to celebrate you, and that is definitely a blessing I enjoy! For my birthday my husband and little girl served me breakfast, coffee and presents in bed (all my favorite words!) and then they whisked me away for a day in Elora, Ontario for shopping and hiking and a night of friends, fish and chips and a bonfire in the backyard. Since my birthday ended up being so perfect, I had no inspiration to write about how getting older sucks, or how I’m entitled to a mid life crisis full of bad choices and hasty decisions. Instead I give you this, 37 (genius) things I have learned about life, and all my valuable (somewhat) skills and insights.

  1. I’ve learned that crafting something, anything, can be an escape from the world and you can take a mental break while your hands are busy.
  2. I’ve learned to pray and actually talk to God about anything and everything, and that I feel lighter and happier for it.
  3. I have NOT mastered my right and left yet, but I have learned that if you stick up/out your forefingers and thumbs the one that makes the L is the left hand :).
  4. Over time coffee will not cure tiredness, but going without the coffee will give you a raging headache.
  5. Trying to live without coffee is stupid. It’s delicious.
  6. Spend lots of time with your mother. Once you get older you can see her for the actual, incredible woman she is and not the raging mom-beast your monster-child self brought out in her. You can be best friends when times are good and you can still be her little girl when times are tough.
  7. No matter how often you sneak up on your stuffed animals as a child, you will never catch them talking to each other.
  8. Margarine is interchangeable with butter.
  9. Buy Cheap, Buy Twice. My sister Joan taught me that.
  10. Don’t waste time chasing people who are all about themselves, but never quit praying for them.
  11. Peppermint tea will cure everything from the flu to pms.
  12. Wait for God to show you your soulmate. You’ll know he is the one for you if he is more interested in drawing you closer to Christ then he is to himself. I knew my husband was the one when I had had a bad day and he suggested I read my bible.
  13. I haven’t learned which way North is, but I have learned it doesn’t matter.
  14. I have learned that I hate living in a climate that has 6 months of winter.
  15. No matter how often you sneak up on your stuffed animals as an adult, you will never catch them talking to each other.
  16. To calculate your tip like a pro, look at how much the tax was on the bill. That’s the tip amount. (15%).
  17. I can parallel park like a ninja.
  18. I’ve learned how to speak my mind without being rude. Some may disagree, but this isn’t your list it’s mine, so butt out.
  19. I’ve learned to get a cleaning at the dentist without bringing moral support or locking myself in the bathroom. It’s been at least a year.
  20. I’ve learned how to select good produce at the market!! Smell them. Same goes with selecting meat, but you might look strange.
  21. I’ve learned to leave my hair it’s natural color and my makeup neutral.
  22. Don’t get a tattoo before the age of 25. This advice was given to me and I pass it on freely. You don’t really know who you’ll grow up to be so don’t make a permanent decision like that too quickly.
  23. Spend time at the spa, and don’t feel guilty for it.
  24. Listen more than you speak.
  25. Keep your house clean by cleaning up after every little thing you do. You will never regret having a clean home but you will regret living in a mess. Teach your kids the same thing, raising children and clean homes can actually happen simultaneously.
  26. Your life will mean more to you when it becomes more about others.
  27. Ive learned that children will refer to your childhood as “the olden days” even if you are only 37…
  28. I’ve learned that the key to success is just being willing to ask for it.
  29. I’ve learned life is better with a good man by your side. I love mine :).
  30. I’ve learned that being a mother is a great honor and a gift that has no equal.
  31. I have accepted that I can’t move objects with my mind, and that the time my sister Melissa fell off the step was probably just a coincidence.
  32. All fashion repeats itself. I’ve lived long enough to see leg warmers make it back 3 times.
  33. Traveling is not a cure for the travel-bug, but wow is it fun!
  34. I’ve learned that wired coat hangers make great sticks for roasting marshmallows
  35. I’ve learned that if I drive through the mud my husband will wash my car.
  36. I’ve learned to ask for coffee in 4 languages.
  37. I’ve just now learned to never embark on a list with more than 10 points ever again. That took forever to write.

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