Local Inspiration

In 2 weeks time I’ll be setting up a booth in London, Ontario to sell off some of my Home Decor items; It will be my first time and I’m excited! The nice thing about having a booth locally is that it will give me an opportunity to sell off those items that I can’t post on Etsy, due to high shipping costs.

I’ve spent the past week looking for inspiration, things I could add to my collection that will fill out a booth, and I’ve had some pretty fun ideas – but we also spent the past weekend touring the back-country of South Western Ontario and now my head is bursting :).

I think he was a 12th? century knight – there were a lot of these guys in costume!

On Saturday we were in Fergus for the Highland Games and Scottish Festival. We had such a great time! We arrived in time to see the calling of the Clans, and stayed for all the competitions, my favorite being the one pictured, I just can’t remember the name. There was something so graceful about these large men hauling huge weights around and around and then throwing them out into the field. If you have never seen these games, pack up the children and go! They’re spectacular!


After a night at the hotel, we decided to move on. We visited a lovely church in Fergus (Bethel Baptist) and then made our way to St. Jacobs and Shakespeare. To describe it simply, St. Jacobs is about cottage chic gifts, home decor and ladies fashion. Shakespeare is about Antiques, and their very serious curators. I saw some really neat things in both places, and even bought some special trinkets for home. I have all kinds of ideas now for repurposing china, frames, boxes and plastic! Pinterest is great for ideas, but nothing beats getting out into the country side and really getting the dust on your feet. We really live in such a great part of Ontario.


The weather could not have been more perfect for a trip through the country side and I’m once again reminded how blessed I am with my family and the time we are able to spend together. On the way home we stopped at the farm and collected our dog, then had a visit with Gregs parents. I mentioned to his dad that I wanted old farm windows and he instantly knew of several barns that had them laying around, and said he would get me some this week!  Weird how excited one can get about old farm windows, but if you’re anything like me you’ll completely understand :D.

We are home now and rested, and the little one is heading off for a week of camp. Greg and I will take some time to go on a few dates this week and I have 1 wedding to take care of (cupcakes) but you can bet most of my time alone this week will be in the craft room <3.

My most favorite people! I love the way her head is tossed back in laughter, they melt me 🙂