A Running Start at my Resolutions

In 2008 my sister Joan and I ran the 8km Alphie Shrubb in Bowmanville. We had planned it for months, and I was running almost daily, but I couldn’t seem to get past 4km. I apologized to my sister (who could run 10km) in advance, and we agreed that we would run what we could, then walk the rest. The important thing was that we accomplished it.

The day before the race I drove to Oshawa to spend the night at her house. We made plans, this race was going to be amazing. We would go to bed early, get up at dawn, stretch, eat some weird protein concoction she came up with and arrive early to the track for warm ups. Unfortunately, this is not what happened!

The next morning I was propelled from the couch by my sister frantically yelling we slept in. In the minutes that followed we hastily threw on clothes, grabbed shoes and water bottles and flew out the door. When we arrived at the track everyone was already at the starting line and ready! Talk about embarrassing!

We quickly registered, pinned on our numbers and strapped on the ankle monitors. We ran outside to join the crowd at the starting line but never actually stopped running – just as we met up with them the horn sounded and the chords from the Chariots of Fire theme song filled the air. It was time.

You can actually read about it here, I remember blogging it. I loved that experience but I also learned something about myself that day. I learned that when facing a challenging task, it’s best to take a running start and don’t look back! And that’s how I look at New Years resolutions.

Of course I wanted to make some changes. Sure you can do it anytime, but I admit there is a certain charm to starting a new year with a new you! A few months ago I started thinking about what I would like to see myself accomplish in the new year, and instead of waiting, prepping and doing warm ups – I took a running start :).

I relaunched my Etsy store, and now I’m able to start 2015 with sales under my belt and some orders yet to fill. I’m using my day planner app more. I’ve cut back my coffee’s to 2 per day :). I have a few more resolutions but the point is that I’m glad I learned what works for me and that it continues to work for me!

2014 was a great year, and I have lots to be thankful for! I’m in no way looking for 2015 to serve me better, but I am hoping that in 2015 I can be more worthy of all the blessings we enjoy. I can be a better wife (my husband says it’s impossible fyi :P), a better mother, a sort of better employee and certainly a better Christian.

Whatever works for you, I wish you all the best success for your 2015 New Years Resolutions!

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