DIY Chicken Breast Roast

Have you ever had an idea that you just couldn’t let go of? It happens to me all the time; Usually in the winter, usually in February, and usually it involves a lot of patience from my husband. Fortunately for him, when I got the idea in my head to make my own chicken roast it barely cost him a dime. UNfortunately for him, when I got the idea to redesign the sitting room a week later, it cost him a trip to Leons (he’s amazing by the way <3).

I love the Butterball Turkey Breast Roasts, but I don’t like that they cost almost $20 and only last for one meal, so we don’t buy them often. Also, we’ve been doing this Make-Ahead Meal-Plan thing, which has proven to both save us money in the grocery department and time when it comes to meal prep. A $20 turkey roast just doesn’t fit in with being more cost effective. I also don’t like turkey that much but I see it as a necessary component to the holidays.

What I’m really trying to say is, I just like the look of it in the roast pan and I wanted to make one all by myself, with chicken. It was also -24 outside for almost 3 weeks and I was bored out of my skull.


I needed one of those cooking nets, but I couldn’t find one anywhere so I decided to knit my own. I bought some cooking twine from, and used size 19 needles to make the net. I CO 20st, then K in garter stitch until it was about 14″ long. If you can’t knit one of these but you want to try making your own roasts, you can buy a package of them in my etsy store by the end of this week.


I butterflied 3 decently sized chicken breasts and marinated them in a sundried tomato and onion pesto overnight. The next day I piled them on the net (never work with raw meat on a wooden surface, I use a thin plastic cutting board here) and then gathered the net up lengthwise. I used the long tail to sew (with my fingers) the net tight over the meat. Then I gathered it up widthwise and did the same thing, tying a knot to secure it together.



From here I was guessing, and if you do this you will have to as well! There is no perfect way to cook this except to get the inner temp up to 165F. Personally, I tried to follow the guidelines for a butterball turkey roast, but a little less time because their roast is 3.3lbs and mine was 2lbs. Low and slow is the key I think.




I cooked it from frozen, as they suggest in their directions, and roasted it at 325 for 2.5 hours. I let it rest for 15 minutes and then sliced it. I gotta say, I thought it was really pretty to look at :).


I served it with roasted veggies, rice, and gravy. We even had left-overs for sandwiches the next day! I made this because I simply wanted to say that I did, but getting 2 meals for 3 people out of it was an added bonus. I bought the clubpack of chicken breasts for $20 and then made 3 casseroles and this roast from it.

I’ll make this again, and maybe even try a few other combinations! I’m thinking chicken with canadian bacon, and chicken rolled with thinly sliced potato. If you make one of these, tell me what combination you used, and good luck!

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