A Whole Summer, Smushed into One Blog.

Two days ago I noticed one, brilliantly coloured, red leaf on my sand-cherry. I don’t know it’s taking me so off guard this year, but I’m shocked each time I see a sign of autumn approaching! As usual, the cooler weather and earlier sunsets have shaken me out of fun-mode and caused me to think more like a responsible adult (although, baby steps) and I actually can do nothing but thank God for the amazing time we have had together, probably one of my favourite summers yet.collage2 Like it does every year, our season kicked off with our little girls birthday (11 this year!), and she invited two of her close friends to come for a sleepover party. I spent the day beforehand, decorating the guestroom downstairs with almost 100 balloons, and great big canopies draping across the ceiling. We put the smaller flatscreen in there with the Wii (for netflix) and created a buffet of drink boxes, bottled water and bowls of candy, and I even found paper lanterns that lit up at the dollar store, so we strung a few of those as well. I made her cake and tried to capture the “tween” theme, painting leopard print over purple… I would say mission accomplished. They swam in the pool and ate taco’s for supper and they watched movies and shared secrets until about midnight, when they all came running out of the bedroom with long glowsticks wrapped around their pyjama-clad bodies; Only to stop and crash into each other at the sight of us still awake, watching television in the family room. They were hilarious and adorable, and even the next morning when I was pulled out of bed to bake them muffins, I never stopped smiling at their cuteness. collage3Over the next 8 weeks we visited The Pinery and Muskoka and toasted hundreds of marshmallows over dozens of fires. We spent a weekend in Niagara with some great friends, and I even found a day to visit St. Jacobs for shopping and lunch with another. Greg and I celebrated 7 years of wedded-bliss, we went to a BlueJays game and he even got to play in a HomeRun competition with the BlueJays! He just looks so cool, whatever he does :).

My garden has provided beautifully and we’ve been enjoying tomatoes, peppers, carrots and rhubarb in abundance, and I have to say, the yard and gardens have never looked better. I had one battle with a baby groundhog, lost some pumpkin plants, cucumbers and lettuce… but I guess we all have to share, right?

I ran the 5km Color Run, we’ve taken lots of bike rides, and I’ve read so many novels on my patio. We even had perfect weather for boating! I don’t think we left any stone unturned when it comes to summer fun, and I’ve realized each daydream I had during last winters long, cold days. My little girl and I even got out to pick blueberries this year and we canned them the same day, along with some beautiful golden figs I found at the grocers.

collage4 Finally, we had my birthday, and as usual, my boy spoiled me. He surprised me with a fancy picnic set up in a park, downtown London. A bistro table was set up with vases of flowers, and he had arranged for a gourmet cheese house to come and cater us. I felt so blessed that he would do that for me, and that he understood my deep obsession with cheese :P. It was so beautifully intimate, sitting there under the tree’s at this little table for us, and a beautiful buffet table of cheeses, fruit, meats and breads set up beside us. I may have a few years left before I hit 40 still, but he still treats every year like it’s an important one, and always, he treats me like a princess <3. My inlaws celebrated earlier in the week with us and surprised me with the most gorgeous birdhouse (my other obsession) and my amazing friend and running partner Patti made me eggs benedict for my birthday breakfast and gave me the most thoughtful gifts – a new apron and real vanilla bean extract, which I’ve become addicted to.

collage5As for my health – well, no news is good news, right?! I met with my surgeon two weeks ago and after reviewing my file, he’s decided to wait 6 more months. In that time I’ll go for another round of testing and they will be able to see how things have progressed – I’m happy to be part of this screening program, and to have such vigilant doctors. I will actually be in this program until I’m 69, and I feel incredibly blessed to have such good care taken of me.

And as usual, I barely blogged through the summer because I was too busy enjoying it, and now I’m trying to shove it all into one post haha :P. Well, consider it done, and in two weeks our lives will fall into scheduled routines once again… but that’s not a bad thing. The relaunch of pumpkin spice latte’s can make up for a lot, when you really think about it.

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