Repurposed Old Jeans = Cute Skirt!

First of all, can I have just one February where I don’t end up sick?! And I mean, fog headed, fevered, lost a week of my life, SICK! Thankfully, I’m coming out of it now. I felt like I had turned a corner around 10pm last night, and had it confirmed this morning when I woke up, and actually felt alert. Mental clarity is such a gift.

And as it goes, I’ve passed the torch. Right around the time I was waking up and realizing I was getting better, my little girl started throwing up in the bathroom. She’s on fluids and bed rest now, but I’m confident that she’ll bounce back in no time. Children are just so much more resilient than adults, especially ones that live on coffee, sugar, and late nights, (even though I’m in my late 30’s and really should know better by now).

Anyway, while I was sick, I still tried to do a lot of things around the house. I don’t stay still very well, and kept thinking that I could force myself to feel better. I probably made myself worse by doing that, but I was still pleased that my house was clean, my floors were washed and my daughter didn’t miss a single day of school. But my big plans were for Friday night; My husband was going to take me to Michael’s, and Starbucks, and Home Depot, and I was sure that my excitement over doing some of my favourite things would outweigh any illness – but I was wrong. By Friday night, I could barely stand and my husband was quite worried, and cross with me for not resting all week. He put me to bed and took amazing care of me all weekend long, and I behaved myself by drinking fluids, reading my book (The Forgotten Garden) and taking lots of salt baths. He checked on me often, rubbed my back, kissed the top of my head and made sure I was resting, no if’s, and’s, or but’s.

Except that when he and our daughter went out for a bit on Saturday, I snuck out of bed and sewed my little girl a new skirt. Well, I say I sewed, but it was really more of a re-purposing, and that brings me to the point of this blog.

I found this pin on Pinterest, and saved it for a rainy day, but when I actually went to go and read the tutorial, it was a dud! Don’t you hate that?! So all I had was a picture. It wasn’t that complicated to figure out, but I did have to mess around with it a little, and consider the weight of the denim I was using. Mine was pretty heavy, and not ideal for ruffling, but I made it work.

  1. Cut the jeans horizontally at the tops of the legs, forming a mini skirt. Make sure you don’t cut into the pockets, reach inside and lift them up out of harms way before cutting.
  2. cut the legs down the side seams, separating the fronts from the backs.
  3. Cut the fronts as shown in the diagram. These will be the mid section of the skirt.
  4. Cut the backs into long rectangles, this will be the ruffled bottom section of the skirt.

I wanted to do some lace, and beautifully serged edges, but my serger needed rethreading and I couldn’t tackle the looper in my current state. For some reason, I thought it was easier to make my own bias tape. Seriously?! So my denim is all trimmed in plaid, but you know, I kinda like it!


The next time I make one of these (and I’ll probably do at least one more), I’m going to buy some eyelet ruffle trim and use that instead. I had also intended to make a large applique flower for the side-front, but I really needed to get back to bed, and by the time I was well again, she wanted to wear it and liked it just the way it was.







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