When I was a little kid, the neighbors grandson and I got ourselves in all kinds of trouble. Between the ages of 5-11 we were inseparable; We climbed trees, built forts and rode our bikes all over imagination land. He taught me how to catch crayfish, pick the best apples and make cherry bombs – and even though we accidentally set his grandfathers garage on fire a little bit, and got grounded a lot, we had the best of times.IMG_2726

One day, when my sisters and I were playing outside, he showed me how to burn lines into wood with only a magnifying glass and some sunlight. We took scrap from my dads workshop and worked the afternoon away, and by dinner time I had a rather presentable sign with the letters BERNI burnt deep into the surface. I loved making that sign, but the need for patience warred with my ever impatient character, and I never made anything like that again. Until now.

Last Christmas my husband bought me a wood burning tool. It didn’t take long for me to reconnect with my childhood love of the craft, and it seems that cutting boards are my thing. I’ve filled several orders so far, all of them the same design: A large tree with a heart and initials carved into it. For myself I bought a set of 3 bamboo boards, and I designed them to suit my moods… they aren’t for sale, but I love them!


My stylus, with its fancy pen tips and super high temperatures, is a far cry from the magnifying glass and sunbeam I used as a child, but the love is still there. The combination of creating art with the scent of wood smoke is just what I need when I want to reconnect with my childhood self. The designs may be a little more elaborate, but this girl is just the same.


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